Bitwarden Roadmap

The 2023 Q1 Roadmap is now available (updated quarterly). As with any roadmap, timelines can and will shift as the team works through product discovery and development. We strive for transparency and will update this roadmap as a living document. You can also review previous release notes at any time.

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When is the next update?
🚧 Account Switching
βœ… Emergency access
Password (vault item) expiration date
Work email or personal email as the main account?
Charge more money for Premium
πŸ—“ Additional item types (pre-defined)
Give me a Reason
Any news on BW U2F support on Android?
πŸ” Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps
πŸ” Overlay popup interface
βœ… Touch ID support for macOS
Ability for owner/admin to reset user's master password (for accounts managed by an organization)
U2F Support for additional Bitwarden clients
Use other database than MSSQL
New to Bitwarden, coming from 1Pwd
Personalised Vaults for certain situations
Organizations, Account Ownership, Personal Accounts
Unlock Bitwarden with 2FA, e.g. Yubikey (instead of, not in addition to password)
I want keyboard shortcuts for Bitwarden Desktop
Private and business account
Bitwarden 'Add Item' window closes without saving changes
When can we expect the next major/minor release?
πŸ—“ Vault Item Sharing
Choose the word list for passphrases
πŸ—“ Offline Editing (management of writeable vault items)
Using self-hosted and cloud organizations
Publish roadmap
Archive old accounts
Custom icons for items and folders/collections
Referral program
Request For Progress on "Switching To Argon2" Post
BitWarden Family Org + Another Family Org or Business Org w/ different emergency contact
View attachments without downloading
TOTP - protect with second master password
Off line editing on desktop
Send login - select "Send" from a login entry to share a login with a third party
:spiral_calendar: Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc
Change "type" of item
πŸ—“ Customizable vault item templates
πŸ—“ Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections (nested inheritance)
πŸ—“ Offboard Users via Directory Connector from both Organization and Personal Vault
Show collection and folder ownership of an item in list view
🚧 Apple watch - TOTP Support (currently in beta)
Filter special characters in generated passwords per login
Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data
SaaS / Hosted Directory Connector + WebGUI
Does Bitwarden support multiple accounts (Private vs Work)?
πŸ” Overlay popup interface
How to create nested folders
Organization cannot add attachment despite premium plan
πŸ” Overlay popup interface
🚧 Account Switching
πŸ—“ Additional item types (pre-defined)
Can an owner account in a Families plan turn off access to a collection for themselves?
Save without loggin in
🚧 Account Switching
What about uploading a photocopy of your national identity card? Good idea?
Add "Username" and "Email" as separate entries
See login information in order of last updated?
Bitwarden on PC (Windows/MAC) : Ability to have window associations
Sharing logins from My vault?
Approve login request in the App
Remember Password Generator Settings for Each Login
Add selection for parent folder
Auto fill selection in field?
Struggling with structure
Make life more practical with these suggestions
Full-fledged menu bar mode
πŸ—“ Offboard Users via Directory Connector from both Organization and Personal Vault
Transfer my account to another Mail adress
πŸ” Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps
πŸ—“ Require Re-prompt for entire item (view, edit, etc.)
Remove Payment Option | Delete Billing Info
πŸ—“ Additional item types (pre-defined)
Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation
πŸ“² Have you tried out the new Login with Device functionality?
Duplicate removal tool/report (including merge)
πŸ” Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps
πŸ—“ Offline Editing (management of writeable vault items)

Hey @viktor Bitwarden send functionality will be expanded so that you’ll be able to send a vault item and have someone add it to their own vault, including those outside of the organization.