Add "Username" and "Email" as separate entries

I agree. In adition, by introducing a toggle for for selecting which one to be autofilled, it can also make login and recovery a lot easier.


I think it is a very important field in case you must recover your password (keeping in mind people has several emails). In a lot of cases you must insert you email address to recover your password even if you have chosen a username. I always add a “custom field” for the email, but it is not handy since I have to create a customizable field every time…


I support this idea as well, and it has been an issue for me a handful of times.

Especially with the function to generate usernames and email addresses it would be nice if you can do both and save them both in their appropriate field.

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A default e-mail could be added so that when creating an account, BW would be able to autofill that information as well. If nothing is defined in settings then the field would be left as blank, but otherwise it would be very useful to save some time! :slight_smile:

I’ve found a similar request from February 2020, but this seems to be a very useful feature if you are creating an account which uses e-mail and has a username!


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Current Scenario

  • Many websites allow an email address to be used for logging in, rather than creating a separate username.
  • Some websites allow creating a separate username, but it cannot be used for login, e.g.
  • Most people have several email addresses and use different emails for different sites and sometimes multiple accounts on the same site.
  • For sites which allow both email address and username, I am creating the following Custom Fields:
  1. A Custom Text Field for either “Email Address” or “Username” depending upon which site uses what
  2. A Custom Boolean Field: “Use for Login?” to check whether the site allows Username/Email Address for logging in


  1. Rename the current “Username” field label to “Email Address / Username”
  2. Have a drop-down to select either option
  3. Once the user selects their preferred option, automatically create a checkbox for: “Add Username” or “Add Email Address” (alternate of the previously selected option). Maybe this can be done in the extensions automatically by checking whether the login field has a “@” sign or not?
  4. If the user selects that entry and fills up the field, show a checkbox next to it “Use for Login”

I think this will add robustness to the login information storing.

Yes, it does add more complexity to the database and back-end coding, but I feel it can make the end-user experience a lot better, particularly for many organisations.

NOTE: If you guys are looking to move forward with this in future iterations, I would be more than happy to help with testing.

Many thanks.


In the login files, it would be good to enter both a user name and an email address field. I have a couple of complex log ins that require those along with a password.

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To solve your problem make use of the Custom Fields. For details see here:

I use Alias-Email addresses for most of my account creation, and it can be hard to keep track of these, if they are not included in a password manager as many sites also use a normal username for login.
Normally I add them in the Notes field, but it would be really helpful if they are directly added as separate entries. The option custom fields does work as well, but it is way more “time-consuming” to create a new field and name it for every single entry.


According to Bitwarden’s roadmap “Additional Item Types” are about to be implemented. This update might fulfill your feature request.

Adding another vote for this functionality. The use case I have in mind is when logging into various websites across an organization that all use the same SSO on the backend, but some require the email address be used, and others require that just the username be entered.

Thanks for the feedback all, of note is that the customizable vault items is on the roadmap :+1:


Perhaps instead of Username and Email address fields it would be better to have Login and ID fields so what ever we put in the Login field is used for thel login prompt?

Just another thought, how about Login and Display name fields?

A dropdown menu with saved email addresses would be also very appreciated.

With the integration of SimpleLogin via the “Forwarded email alias” I would also like to vote for a separate username and email field. Hopefully if this is implemented with the “customizable vault items” the SimpleLogin integration will be extended into whichever field we use for storing the email address.

It would be really good to be able to generate Simple Login email addresses from within the Bitwarden extension but for sites like Reddit for example, when registering there is a separate field for username and email.

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Adding a Username and Email as separate fields would be a fantastic addition to Bitwarden.

Funny enough, this very forum and most forums, in general, demonstrate why it is useful. When registering, this forum asks for an email address and a username, with no way of knowing which one will be required for login.


I would love to see this added too.

The funny thing is that I had to create an account for this forum to comment. It asked me for an email and username to create the account. It left the email account blank. I added an alias email address, and that email is now lost because it didn’t save it.

This feature is essential and I am very surprised it doesn’t exist yet. I hope this is a priority for the dev team and this can be rolled out asap. :slight_smile:

Lets keep in mind that the custom field option doesn’t work as easy on mobile as it does on desktop. The bulk of my usage of bitwarden is always on mobile and I would suspect it is that way for a bulk of the users.

This :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:
I can’t believe it isn’t yet implemented, I have to manually create a custom field any time the login has a email+username format