Add the possibility to create a SEND when creating an element of type identifier


I think it would be interesting to add a functionality allowing to create a SEND when creating an element of type identifier.

Here is a photoshopped image that represents the evolution that could be made:

As you can see, I’m using french language (I hope this does not affect your understanding)

Indeed, it must be quite common that someone creates an item with a password and has to create a SEND to share the credentials to someone who doesn’t have access to Bitwarden.

The text in the SEND and the different parameters available when creating a SEND could be set in a menu dedicated to the functionality. This would greatly speed up the process of sharing a password, especially for people who often use SEND.


Maybe best to wait until Bitwarden implements the Vault Item Sharing feature (for sending stored credentials).

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Hello @grb,

Thanks for your quick response.

I have some questions about the post you just shared with me.

What would be the timeframe for adding the functionality?
Will it be possible to share the credentials with someone who does not have a Bitwarden account and is not part of any organisation?
Will it be possible to share the credentials using the recipient’s email address?


I don’t have answers to those questions, as I am just another Bitwarden customer, like you. I would guess that the answer to your last two questions will be “yes”, and if our friendly neighborhood Bitwarden rep (@dwbit) is able to comment on the timeframe, I suspect his answer may be something like the following:

We are actively working on the vault item sharing functionality but don’t have an ETA at this time.

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I did some research and could see that the feature was planned in the roadmap. So I guess there is no planned date yet.

Edit : I just saw that it is planned for the first half of 2023 (Here)

Thanks for your help @grb

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