Archive old accounts

Hello everybody
we love the functions in bitwarden very much and it is an added value for us.
We used to use password depot and there is the function to set an end date for the passwords and so we can obviously see which are no longer valid. We do not delete any passwords, but we would like to be able to see which passwords are no longer up-to-date. for example a different color or crossed out

This could be useful so that you know which old passwords have been comprised, for example in the case if an old forum that went dark 10 years ago suddenly got its database leaked.

Feature name

  • Disable/hidden Flag on vault items so they do not appear in search or browser prompts

Feature function

  • I have some passwords I want to keep in case I ever need them again, but generally will never use again, so I’d like to disable them. One example is multiple email accounts for Gmail. I only have one active account, but always see four accounts in the bitwarden interfaces. I’d really like to disable three of them.
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I think that an easy fix for this for the dev will be like a label ‘=DO NOT SHOW=’
And every item with that label will not be shown in the search but still available when browsing

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What is the ETA for this feature?


No ETA just yet, but the major item roadmap and general timeline for those items is available here:

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I too also really wish there was this feature. Essentially, it just requires every vault entry to have a checkbox whether it is Archived or not. And then there is a quick easy filter option to show All, Archived or Non-Archived items.

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@Fethbita replying to your message on the roadmap thread - this is still on our radar, but not in planning/dev at the moment.


This actually seems like a really low hanging fruit, would be great!


+1 to this.
It is very helpfull for Organisations.

Please provide some form of “non-search” folder, I have hundreds of entries in my Archive folder that I may need in future, but hate showing up in my searches.


@1ronnie sounds interesting, marking entire folders as “archived” , so that we can keep things in order even when not in use

Just wanted to add my support for this. This is a feature I definitely made use of with Keepass. I missed it when I switched to 1Password and I still miss it now that I’ve switched to Bitwarden.

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+1 to the idea. Please implement this ASAP! Thanks.

Having multiple entries of old accounts that I keep around just in case, deleting them out of my vault naturally isn’t an option but it’s also annoying to still see them pop up in search results. An archival option would be perfect for this! :smiley:

Especially as companies die because of Covid, I’m not going to need a lot of the account logins I have, but I need to keep them. I have over 90 Google logins, please add an archive feature. I don’t want to see these in my search as it takes me an inordinate amount of time to find the one I need.

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I’ve been doing things such as putting “OLD OLD” before a name so it’s more apparent that those search results aren’t what I want.

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Suggest you think in terms of tags. Use the name field for tags you want to see or the notes field (whole word only) for tags you don’t need to see. You’ll still get the large initial list but with the right set of tags on the accounts you can winnow down the list very quickly.

But I agree an “archived” folder, or even just a flag, would be better. Something to keep old results from coming up at all unless they’re specifically asked for.

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Any ETA here? The post is more then two years old.

Hi @digitalreisen, no official eta on this one at the moment but this feature is still very important :+1: