Archive old accounts

There are a lot of old accounts that I own that I don’t plan on every using again. However, I want to keep them in my database in the off-chance I’ll need to access it at a random time. The problem is, it tends to clutter my search results and account lists.

At this point I have hundreds of accounts in my vault, and the ability to archive old accounts would be very useful. Basically not deleting the accounts, but moving them out of the way so they aren’t accessed as easily as my regular, active accounts.

If I wanted to access an account that has been archived, I would have to choose a separate category or folder just to see them, for example.

As you already hinted at: why not simply create a folder named “Archived items” and place all those accounts in it? That way access would simply mean opening the folder and selecting the needed item. At other times they are out of the way and no clutter to speak of.

Because what I’m trying to accomplish is to mainly hide them from cluttering my search as well. But, that is a good idea that can help for now.

Likewise I, too, have old accounts and passwords for sites that I do not ever want to be filled when logging in, but I keep them around because they are terrifically useful for when I get those lovely blackmail scam emails that mention old passwords. I am then able to attribute the leaked password.

Why not store them in something else like KeePassXC? Could keep it in Dropbox and keep the password to KeePassXC in Bitwarden.

The Ability to Archive old items would be nice. I also am looking for a way to achieve this. As mentioned above creating an Archive folder is an option but the “archived items” will still be showing up in the All items section and as mentioned in the search.

The only useful option I could think of is to move the archived items to another vault (account).

I’m out of votes, but I definitely +1 this idea.

I voted. Other password manager like 1Password and Lastpass can do this and very useful.

+1 from me. Having moved across from 1password, this is the feature that I miss most.

Just switched from Enpass, I certainly miss this feature.