Archive old accounts

I need this feature. I have a lot of old accounts lying around in my vault.

I am on a rampage to get my old accounts deleted. So I am down from 92 to 18 . But some of the companies are reluctant to delete your account, I tell you what!

They still clutter up the All Items and TYPES queues and, as someone else has noted, searches too. My only solution is to stick ZZ in front of the names

That’s a very neat solution

That’s the sort of response I’d expect from an IT person. That involves the time and effort of moving them from one application to another, compared to having an option say to just click a folder to prevent its contents being widely available

Add me to the list of folks wanting an EASY, QUICK way to archive items - right now I move them to my ZZ-Archive folder, sometimes I modify the name to add “acct deleted”, usually I’ll add a note if I delete the account. I almost never remember to change the url matching to never. I really want to designate one folder as the archive folder, and that folder doesn’t can be excluded from duplicate and weak password checks, can be excluded from searches, and excluded from matching. I waited for YEARS for Lastpass to add that. Wouldn’t go back to them just for that feature, but still, seems like a pretty basic thing to offer.

I missed your original reply but think setting matching to never is a very clever workaround.

That is a method, but not ideal. If you have multiple rules, and especially if different matching rules, that can cause issue to restore. Plus, you have to do each one manually.
Better version would be adding something like an underscore to the start of the match string (_http://...). Not ideal, but slightly better than changing a rule that could get mixed up.