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@HoOn Welcome to the forum! I would suggest that you review the Community Guidelines, especially those that talk about respectful and constructive communication.

I am not a Bitwarden employee, but I understand that they employ a relatively modest number of developers, whose time must be prioritized to address the most pressing needs. In addition, because security is of the utmost importance to Bitwarden, new feature proposals often undergo an extensive period of research to determine whether there may be any security repercussions associated with implementation of a new feature.

For context, some features that were recently released had been initially proposed 4–6 years prior to final release (e.g., account switching and inline auto-fill menus). Bitwarden’s current development roadmap is published here.

As Bitwarden is open-source software, the fastest way to circumvent Bitwarden’s development backlog for a feature that you want would be to make a code contribution. If you have no coding experience yourself, you could hire someone to do the programming.