Off line editing on desktop

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I’ve recently downloaded Bitwarden for IOS & OS X with a view to migrating from 1Password.

I’m very disappointed to find that I can’t edit when I’m off line. For my needs its an essential feature

I read a year old thread that was discussing it and it would appear that nothing has happened since then. Are there any plans to add this feature?

Hi @Ooops, welcome!

Offline editing is something we’re looking into, and is a large task to implement correctly/safely.

We’re listening! To see what we’re working on for the next couple of quarters, our roadmap is available here: Bitwarden Roadmap

Hi @Ooops - out of sheer curiosity, what are you doing that makes offline editing an ‘essential’ feature?

Also, offline editing was only recently released in 1Password, so how did you manage previously?

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You’re quite mistaken, I can’t remember when I started with 1Password but it was before 2014 and I’ve always had off line editing.

As to why, I do a lot of work off line and its an essential requirement for me. I see from the post that I refererd to that a good number of other people feel the same way.

So as to my enquiry, can you tell me if this a feature that I can expect in the near future or do I need to return to 1pw?

I stand corrected then - my apologies.

And I think @tgreer responded directly to your question above. There are a lot of improvements rolling out with BW in the near future, but it doesn’t sound like offline editing is imminent.

I am still trying to imagine what kind of “offline” work involves so much editing of passwords and other secrets, though - you won’t divulge?

@tgreer Many thanks for getting back to me.
Do you have an approximate time frame that we can look forward to?

@ dh024 He did indeed, and apparently I forgot what the scroll up key is for :O)

No need to apologise.

I work in a third world country in my location access is erratic, slow & expensive. I usually have to travel to an access point

Not being funny but I don’t see the relevance. Its a feature that I require & it appears others feel the same. For me it would make the difference between a purchase and an uninstall on multiple devices.

That said the latest example involved sorting my migrated data.
I had 1pw & BW open compaing the entries to see what had been dropped, creating folders, removing & editing entries, tidying up others.
Time consuming and zero need to be on line


Just as a thought of why/how offline access could be useful (not a third world country here)

Regularly need to manage access control in buildings that have padlocks (also in basements and other locations where there is no internet access available). When I change the code, I need a way to save the new values. Currently, I store them in a text file that I just keep open… and then when I have online access, I’ll update the new values in BW. Being able to change them directly in BW would be useful (and less error prone, as it implies an extra copy/paste and an extra application seeing these values on my Android).

Not all security implies electronic devices. :slight_smile: