View attachments without download

:laughing: I been waiting since 2018….I lost interest in this app and has since move to an alternative that support this feature right from start…And there’s plenty app that does!

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A little surprising this isn’t in the planning stages. It seems to be far & away the most popular request I’ve seen, in the 90 days or so since I became a paid subscriber to BW. And while I realize popularity doesn’t/shouldn’t always drive features/programming, OTOH it shouldn’t be ignored either.

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I just wanted to shift to Bitwarden from 1Password, but without being able to quick view attachments, that is too much of a hassle… Are this in you planning by now?

Not quite to planning yet, but the early stages of evaluation.


This is an incredible workaround - thank you! Do you know of an equivalent on macOS?

Yes, I had the same issue. Using the ‘Input’ option in Quick Look it would say ‘no action was passed to preview’. I’m am using new iPhone 12 with iOS 14.6
Had to change the Show ‘input’ to Show ‘Shortcut input’ and it now works.
Couldn’t work out what was wrong before reading your post…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great workaround.
Though using the ‘Input’ option in Quick Look it would say ‘no action was passed to preview’. I’m am using new iPhone 12 with iOS 14.6
Had to change the Show ‘input’ to Show ‘Shortcut input’ like another poster suggested and it now works. Must have something to do with the new iOS features?
Thanks again.

@tgreer It has been over 3 years since many people have wanted this ‘view without d/loading’ functionality. I should be a ‘must have’ for a security app.
How can it take 3 years to just get to the ‘evaluation’ stage?
I’ve had the app for 3 days and was looking to use it, so most users in the last 3 years must be disappointed.
Let’s hope it is evaluated to ‘urgent’.


Good point. Agree.

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I would love this feature also.

Priorities might be an answer. Resources another.

How about if you take a look at the roadmap or the release notes to see how much they have added since they started.


Yes. I had a look.
No doubt they have been busy, though if customers have been asking for an item that is considered a ‘security’ fix, how can it be priority-ranked in their plan/roadmap if it hasn’t been even evaluated in the last 3 years since being raised?

Download an decrypt attachement to view it is not a good solution.

This feature should be a priority for the Bitwarden team. Combined with Bitwarden Send it could be a image host service, especially for enterprise users who don’t want their files to be downloaded but only viewed.

“Not in planning yet” :sob:

I’m sure BW is not run by a staff of 1000s, and I love it so much that I’m not jumping ship and going anywhere, and I don’t use much in way of attachments because the implementation is… meh. But can viewing attachments w/in the app and any sort of bulk-viewing, bulk-downloading, bulk-saving be somehow moved from the freezer in the basement to the back-burner in the kitchen sometime in the next year?

Again, I have MASSIVE respect for kspearrin and all of the other very hard-working people at BW – BW is absolutely, clearly, unquetionably the best PW manager available today. I know the list of requests is great, and time is always short.

THank you, @tgreer and @kspearrin. Oh and btw, maybe time for you guys to raise your subscription prices? $10 a year? How the hell can you live off of that? How about $50/yr? $60/yr? You guys are putting out a super-premium product, and should reap the benefits of your hard work.


Shame this feature is still not implemented after 3 years =(

I’d really like to upvote it, it seems like a simple UI change that has little effect on the underlying Bitwarden engine.

Please also give me the opportunity to pay more than $10/yr. Bitwarden is as good as LastPass etc and deserves to charge at least $50/year.


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Still using LastPass on my iOS devices for this one feature. And this is the one issue that prevents me from recommending Bitwarden to family and friends.
Seems like adding this much requested feature is a no brainer to me!

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Yes, on any platform, Bitwarden should not being downloading and/or caching any files/attachment. Option to download however should offered as secondary.

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I’m planning a migration away from 1Password, and need this capability on my macOS platforms. I realize that you’ve got multi-platform client application, but on macOS using the host’s “Quick Look” capability would provide a very nice native experience.

Perhaps also consider doing drag-and-drop? But that could come later.

In 1Pasword, one of the use-cases I use attachment for is to save the TOTP QR code. I use this to enable me to easily restore the TOTP secrets to my mobile devices in case they are replaced (or they scramble their brains.) As a separate feature, perhaps you’d also add the ability to display a QR code of TOTP secrets?

I have found my own solution for myself. For each attachment, I create an encrypted Vera Crypt container of the appropriate size and pack the attachment into it.
To open it, I use the “EDS lite” app on the smartphone and “VeraCrypt” on the PC.
This means that my data is never stored unencrypted. A little awkward, but safe.

VeraCrypt Wikipedia

EDS lite