New to Bitwarden, coming from 1Pwd

Good morning,

I am new to Bitwarden, coming from 1Password (almost from v1 if I remember correct).
So, I am used to 1Password (MacOS, iOS) and moving to a new place is always an adventure. We say “never move an old tree to a new location” ;-).

I could import (almost) all items to Bitwarden but I need to sort them again.

Problems I discovered:

  • In 1Password I have some items in an “Archive”. I was not able to import those, I get the error message that the file is empty.
  • The GUI is, well, how to say, I need some time to get used to. I dislike the Electron GUI. But I assume that it I possible to design a “better” GUI (sorry to the Bitwarden GUI designers) - as a long term project?
  • I always have change again and again the font size (view) inside the app after a restart of the app. Would be nice to save this settings.
  • Confusing the settings for the menu - minimise in menu, closing in menu, starting in the menu. The German translations make no sense, in my opinion.
  • Switching to the trash (empty now) does not update the details window (for an entry), still showing the item I had selected before.
  • Is there a (public) roadmap with ideas what will be improved, added, …?
  • I could download an licence file (on the account website), do I need this downloaded file for something?

Ok, lets spend the weekend with learning more about Bitwarden and doing some fine-tuning!

Greetings and thanks

Good morning Claus,

I hope to be able to help you.

Since I have used 1Password in the past, I will tell you that the two password managers have differences and getting used to them is not immediate. I recommend you to consult Help Center | Bitwarden Help & Support

Take a look at Import Data from 1Password | Bitwarden Help & Support

Bitwarden’s GUI is not as nice as 1Password’s. However, you can open a new topic in the feature request asking to improve the GUI.

As mentioned above, you can open a new topic in the feature request section.

If you think the German translation is unclear or wrong, you have the opportunity to improve it yourself. Localization | Bitwarden Help & Support The project can be found on Crowdin and does not require any knowledge of programming languages.

As mentioned above, you can open a new topic in the feature request section.

Yes, you can find the roadmap in this community Bitwarden Roadmap

Basically, you do not need it. You can find more information about the plans available at About Bitwarden Plans | Bitwarden Help & Support

pr0ph3cy :sunglasses:


Dear @anon95386638 , thank you for answering.
I will have a closer look later today and for sure I will give feedback in the feature request section.
Greets, Claus

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Came from 1Password myself! Definitely give the web browser extension a try. The GUI doesn’t need to be running when you’re using it and I’ve found that I use it so much more.

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I do not understand, the web browser extension? Not the web browser client?
I use it on safari and think is it not very practical. The window is too small.
Maybe in Chrome or Firefox it looks different.

I had a closer look to the browser extension. Yes, looks practicable, need to dive deeper into Bitwarden and its plugins, web app …
Thank you!

Yes, web browser extension. That small window is actually really powerful. It’s easy to create new entries, grab the field you want, and update your password. I used the standalone client a lot when I was cleaning up my database after I migrated from 1Password but after that with keyboard shortcuts and the browser extension I don’t end up using the standalone client much.

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A question. Now I see in BW many extra fields which were hidden in an extra section in 1Pwd.
Eg „street:“ and the value „hauptstrasse“.
Hmm, I guess i can delete the details. As they are not important to login to this page.

I do sth like a spring cleaning, checking each item and renaming, sorting, …

What do you do with items you do not use anymore but want to keep? Sth. like an Archive (still available in Bitwarden but not in a search or when using AutoFill) would be nice. At the moment I move these items in a special folder in the same vault.

Yes, I was actually kink of upset that 1Password had saved some data in hidden fields. There were a few entries where things that I would absolutely not want stored, such as the last 4 digits of my social, were being stored. I just erased them.

As for the items you don’t use but want to keep, that’s actually a feature request that I commented on. You can add your support for it here: Archive old accounts

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Yes, I have voted for this already.
Exited to see what will come next year (the roadmap).
Thanks, Claus