Struggling with structure

I came from KeePass hoping Bitwarden would make folders more intuitive, especially with search, but I am not finding that the case.

For example, I am trying to store user accounts for multiple applications, but folders offer no benefit in search. For example, imagine multiple entries for a user under folders or collections such as:

Windows/Joe Blow
Office 365/Joe Blow
Adobe Online/Joe Blow

When I search for Joe Blow, all I get are results like this:

Joe Blow
Joe Blow
Joe Blow

There’s no folder context, which would force me to now put the context of the login in their name, so if I edit each entry so they show the folder name in the entry, it works “Windows - Joe Blow”

Did I miss a setting somewhere?

On the mobile app especially, I want to rely on search so I don’t have to fumble around folders.

At this rate I don’t think this will work for our business because I need quick, easy access to various accounts so I can support users on a lot of systems.

Hi Jack - welcome to the Bitwarden community. It is pretty easy to narrow your search to a single folder, if that’s what you are trying to do.

In Bitwarden, click to open the Vault page then select the folder you want to search. Now when you search a folder like Windows (using your example above), only one search result is returned for Joe Blow.

Hi, I was hoping it would search my entire vault and then show the results prepended by folder, so searching “Joe Blow” would result in these findings:

Windows [folder] > Joe Blow [entry]
Office 365 [folder] > Joe Blow [entry]

Right now it just results in:
Joe Blow (entry)
Joe Blow (entry)

I know I can just find a folder and do that, but some of our users have 10, 15 password accounts due to the number of products they use.

It sounds like the workaround to folders not being shown in search results is to make a folder of each user’s name, then name each entry so it displays what it is logically, so

Folder: Joe Blow
Entry1: Joe Blow - Windows
Entry2: Joe Blow - MS 365
Entry3: Joe Blow - Adobe Online

I suppose I could also create folders like Windows and put individual users under there, but again unless I name the entries “Joe Blow - Windows”, the search results won’t mean anything without folder context.

Clear as mud?

Bitwarden does not have this functionality, yet. But I understand that item labels/tags are being developed, which when implemented, should solve your problem.

And your workaround sounds like it will solve your problem, albeit in a bit of a clumsy and time-consuming way. Here’s hoping that the Bitwarden improvements come soon. Item tags/labels are long overdue, IMO. Cheers!