U2F Support for additional Bitwarden clients

I am having the same problem as well. M1 Macbook Air. I installed the application, entered my master password, and then it says it cannot proceed with 2FA because my device is not supported.

No issues with any other logins. Logging into Gmail and Namecheap with Safari prompt me to touch my key as expected.

Is U2F for Android Coming??

It’s on the roadmap for ~ Q1 this year :slight_smile:

Is that Q1 of the Calendar Year or Q1 of a Financial Year :grinning:?

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Calendar year :sunglasses: - the Gregorian calendar, specifically :rofl::rofl::rofl:


The updated roadmap no longer specifically calls out this feature. Has it fallen off, or just no longer worth of being called out specifically?

It’s still there :slight_smile: - we’ll update the image for the roadmap timeline to reflect it.

Looks like the most recent roadmap update only calls out the mobile apps. Are desktop apps covered by any of the roadmap items or is it no longer a planned feature?

Windows desktop is already live with FIDO2, macOS is in progress :+1:


Great news!

Sorry to be “that guy”, how about Linux?


Mobile is underway:

@codemichael I’ll have to check on Linux timing, but overall Fido2 is a big priority for us :+1:


I just downloaded from playstore and FIDO2 on Android does not appear to be working with my Yubikey NFC and 5c. Only OTP works, same as last year. After I disabled Yubikey OTP, the android app now says “Login Unavailable … none of the configured two-step providers are supported on this device.” Android app does not even attempt to read via NFC. It’s back to KeePass again.

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@Hans_Mata hang tight! We’re about to release FIDO2 support in the next app version later this week.


Any (iOS) TestFlight available for this, by chance? :slightly_smiling_face:

It was just published in the App Store actually! :tada:

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Not yet available for self-hosted? /webauthn-mobile-connector, is live at Bitwarden Mobile WebAuthn Connector, but I am not seeing it in the nginx config on github nor on the latest released self-hosted version.

Ah! Not quite yet :relaxed:

The self hosted updates are normally delayed a few days as we monitor the release on our SaaS solution.

Still not working with Yubikey 5c and Yubikey NFC, via NFC nor USB-C. With the 5c, I get two vibrations then it goes to Yubikey OTP site. If I disconnect immediately after one vibration, nothing happens.

With Yubikey NFC, nothing happens.

I guess it’s back to KeePass again.

@tgreer any news for this on MacOS. Would really like to get rid of Authy and only use my shiny new yubikey with webauthn.

Heh, I understand! I think we are still waiting on an Electron fix for this and another request with TouchID.

@hinton do you happen to know the issue with electron specifically?