Can an owner account in a Families plan turn off access to a collection for themselves?

TL;DR: Can an owner account in a Families plan remove/turn off access to a collection for the owner account itself?

Longer Version:
I am the owner account for a Families plan. Since we had an extra slot available on the plan, my sister asked if she could use it for her in-laws. The way they want to set it up is that her in-laws would save all their logins in a collection that my sister/BIL also have access to (as her in-laws live abroad/are elderly). All that is straightforward and I have set it up that way.

But, as the owner, I also have access to the in-laws’ collection and it shows up in my Collections view. Can I remove or turn off access to this collection for myself?

To be clear, I realize (and so does my sister etc.) that, as owner, I could also re-enable access for myself to the collection. So this is not about privacy but rather: (1) my not wanting to clutter up my vault view and (2) my not wanting to accidentally edit an in-laws’ entry.

You should be able to use the Access Control settings to set your own access to “This user can access only the selected collections”, and then deselect the checkbox for the collection that you want to hide.

I just want to add the note that while this does not show the collection or items in the Owners client view, the items would still be available within the Organization view of the web-vault.

So ultimately this is something that still has to has some level of “trust” that the Org Owner does not view these items if they are only intended for two separate members of a family Organization.

I believe some enchantments may be coming though under the current roadmap under Collection Permissions which will better provide for further granularity.