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Hello dear wardens, I just paid 1 year of Bitwarden Premium to someone from their account, but now I can’t remove my credit card, besides contacting support I believe my only option is to wait 1 year and refuse the payment, that’s not great since I only intended to pay one year.


Consider adding an option to remove your current payment method, most shopping services let you remove your payment option and I think my example is one good reason for that.

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If there was a good Bitwarden Premium gifting option this would not happen, I know there is an official post mentioning Paypal about this but paypal is not common where I live, and is more a workaround than a gifting option, but this is not the point of this Feature Request.

Current vs Mockup

Since I’m a new user I am limited to 1 image, so I made a montage, zoom or open in a new tab to see it properly

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While I still consider this to be a valid and separate request, as you mentioned the ability to gift a subscription would alleviate this concern.

The subscription gifting is something currently listed in the 2022 Bitwarden roadmap, so hopefully can be implemented by the team soon.

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