Referral program

Can’t find a referral program, where I can give others my referral link to send new users to Bitwarden.

Did I just not find it somehow, or is there no referral program for some good reason?

Refferals are slated for Q4 of 2021 later this year :slight_smile:
This is detailed in the roadmap which was updated a short while ago here Bitwarden Roadmap

Hope that helps, looking forward to it myself. I personally already highly recommend Bitwarden, as it is a wonderful product I believe in and can happily know friends and family members will be better off with even just the free tier. Should they pay it won’t break the bank either :wink:

If I use a service that has a referral programme, I’ll refer others if the service is OK. If I find a service that is exceptional, I tell all my family, friends and colleagues about it because (a) I think it will really benefit them and (b) I like to support businesses that offer a great service. Bitwarden is one that I tell everyone about regardless of any referral.

The free version of Bitwarden is more than adequate for most people’s needs. If they want extra features, such as TOTP generation, they can pay the small sum of $10/year. I don’t think a referral fee for individual users is warranted, though perhaps if you refer a business/enterprise that is likely to generate revenue for them, a referral fee could be paid.

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How’s this referral program development going? Anyone know? I don’t see anything about it anywhere as being implemented

@klank I responded to this in your other post. It is mentioned in the Bitwarden Roadmap.

thanks, I had misread it thinking it was slated for Q4

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