Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc

This is the main feature I miss from Enpass! The app works fantastic and the fact it’s free is amazing but I can’t even change the sort style of my 200 logins :frowning:

Yes sorting and a way to change the view/layout of the password list (like a Grid version) etc. would be very welcome!

A function to sort my vault by date (registration, modified etc.) would be very much appreciated

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I agree with all of this, proper sorting would be really good.

I’d use this primarily to just delete login info that I no longer need or use (like if I haven’t used it in 2 years I don’t want it cluttering things up).

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if this feature was added i would definitely purchase bitwarden

+1, Enpass have this feature. It’s so usefull

Just moved from LastPass to Bitwarden (Premium) but I am missing the sort by modified/added.

When I signup with new account, after some day, I always lost this account because I can’t remember the website name.
On LastPass was much easy, just sorting by added and was back on track.

Please please add this feature.

Made an account on the forums specifically to request this, would be extremely helpful.


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Sort by modification date time. Why has it not been implemented after so many requests? Looks like they do not read this.

They do read this and other topics and they do fulfill requests as you can see by taking a look at the road map and the features they already have added or have plans to add them:

So, be patient.

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Thanks for pointing me to the roadmap. It helped me decide to move away from BW subscription and try other vendors’ solutions. Hopefully when they implement this simple feature I will be back, because otherwise BW is really good.

+1 this feature to sort by modified date. Please prioritize this. Seems like it would be incredibly easy, maybe a 5-point story on your product management backlog.

This is not a substitute for having a proper sort feature in the GUI, but it still might be useful…

Here’s a Bash one-liner that you can use to output a list your vault items in order of modification date (newest to oldest) using the Bitwarden cli + jq

$ bw list items | jq -r '
  map(. + {
    e: (.revisionDate | sub("\\.[0-9]+Z$"; "Z") | strptime("%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ") | mktime),
    d: (.revisionDate[0:10])
  }) |
  sort_by( -(.e)) | .[] |
  .name + " (" + .d + ")"
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How is this not a feature? With how many apps and redirects that don’t have clearly labeled domains, etc - there have been so many times where I created a password and then can’t find it.

Is there another password manager with this feature?

still waiting for this function

Hi! Is this a feature that we are still interested in? @tgreer If that’s the case I might be able to look into a working solution.

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As the OP 3 years ago, I ensure you I am still highly interested in this feature! (and it seems a lot of people are interested too)

@fredrikburmester indeed! This would be great. If you can start a topic in the contributions section with your ideas/approach, we can give feedback and help you get started :slight_smile:

Thanks for the jq script!

I found this a little easier to digest:

$ bw list items |
    jq 'sort_by(.revisionDate) | .[-10:]'
  • y-m-d dates already sort lexicographically, so no need for the sub / strptime / mktime stuff
  • at least in bash, | works as a line continuation without a trailing \
  • the [-10:] lets you slice the last 10 items, so the most recent should end up right above your next prompt
  • alternatively, one can pipe to reverse if you want to keep the sorting of your original, then pipe to | .[:10] to avoid the need for head
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