How is the Roadmap created?

I see many posts in the Community along the lines of…

“Feature Request X has lots of votes and has been around for years, so when will it be implemented?”

I’m still relatively new to Bitwarden, so it made me curious about how features for the Roadmap are selected. Is it based on Votes? On how easy it is to implement? Something else? Who decides?

Hey @RogerDodger there is a lot that goes into the roadmap based on the pillars being addressed and takes into account client and community feedback, you can see more here: Bitwarden Events | Bitwarden and I think a new video will be posted shortly.

@dwbit Interesting and thanks for that!

How are the pillars chosen?

Ultimately the responsibility is going to lie with the company that runs Bitwarden, 8bit Solutions LLC.
The boss gets constantly mentioned by name.

Hey @RogerDodger those are the main groups of users that use the product, let me me know if you have any feedback.