Sharing logins from My vault?

Hi yall,

so I am trying to share a login existing in My vault with an Organization created by me. As far as I can see I have no “share” option anywhere. How do I share a personal login with an Org?

I am using the free version of Bitwarden.


Hey there, from the browser extension, you can tap an item, then scroll down to find ‘move to organization’ or if using the web vault, you can tap the 3 dots to the right of an item.

Thanks dwbit, sorry for being unclear, I was looking for a way to share, not move. I want to keep the login in My Vault.

Is this possible? The KB articles on this are a bit ambiguous imo.

Hey @PLISKEN there are two vaults:

  • My Vault (individual)
  • Organization Vault (shared)

An item can exist in either of these spaces, with the main difference being that My Vault includes items you are not intending to share, and the Organization Vault is for hosting shared items.

Vault Item Sharing is new feature that is planned for the first half of 2023.

Thanks, sounds great!