Add selection for parent folder

Feature name:

Parent folder selection

Feature Description

We already have the great option to create subfolders. This is pretty handy to better group passwords and the like.
However this functionality is pretty hidden. You have to know that in order to create a sub folder you have to type in the correct full name of the parent(s) followed by a / in front of the folder name. For example News/Newspaper

To make this feature more visible I would add a dropdown on folder creation / editing to optionally select the parent folder.
This would look like this:

Behind the scenes

This should just be a frontend convencience functionality: It takes the folder selected in the dropdown, adds a / and concats the name of the folder. (And finds the current subfolder in the opposite way: Take the full folder name, split it at the last / and put the last part in the name field and the rest in the current dropdown selection.)

This means that it should still be possible to completely ignore the dropdown selection when creating a folder and just create a sub folder the way it is currently done: By simply adding / in the folder name.

Clients / Repos Affected:

What I can do

  • Web

I can easily do this myself, as I am fluent in Angular :wink:

What I’ll have trouble doing

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

No promises here that I am also able to add it.
I’ve never worked with electron and it’s been quite some time that I last coded in C# and Xamarin.
I’ll definitely not be able to try it for iOS as I have no Apple device.

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q2/2021 for Web Vault
TBD: Mobile and Desktop
@tgreer and @kspearrin


I’d like this to be implemented. Sad to see that it is still not a thing.

The roadmap currently shows Q1&2 projecting to include Vault Item Labels (which I believe will be accustom to tags), and a Navigation Vault refresh which if I remember correctly @dwbit (or possibly another staff member) may have mentioned somewhere would include enhancements for the user experience and possibly include enchantments for nested folders and collections.

I know many changes are coming and Bitwarden has already undergone a long list of enhancements even within just the last 2 years. Hopefully many more are to come that will improve the overall flow.

Yep, the vault refresh will include enhanced parent folder selection, without having to manually enter the parent name and ‘/’