Transfer my account to another Mail adress

Hello !

I have a bitwarden account with a mail-adress from my working company. In that account i have in a private file all my personal mail adresses and passwords for many manny websites.

When i leave the company, i have to delete all this data :frowning:
How can i transfer all this data to my actual private bitwarden account, which has another e-mail adress?

You should check with your enterprise admin, but you should be able to export your personal vault at work to an unencrypted JSON file. With that, you can create a new Bitwarden account on the Bitwarden cloud at and then import the JSON to transfer over your logins, cards, etc.

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How soon are you leaving the company? Perhaps your needs may be met by the vault item sharing functionality, being planned for release by the end of this year.

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I leave at middle of august 2022.
i think with the advice from @dh024 it will work. :relaxed::+1:

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