Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data

Dear All,
are there some news?
It would be great to have this feature !


This thread has been going for 4 YEARS. It’s time to abandon all hope that this will happen in our lifetimes.

Answer: If you use Bitwarden, then do not use any attachments. There, done.

I’m all for hope, but not for false hope.

You can search these threads and see zombie-upgrade-requests that get batted about for years. Some get fixed, many don’t. Let’s just be realistic about this.

If Bitwarden wanted to fix a thing, or upgrade a thing, then they’d do it. If years go by, then they don’t want to do it. Time to move on: either get over the issue, or try out a new password manager if your bug/upgrade/change/fix request goes unaddressed.

Just trying to be pragmatic here.

Best wishes.

and HEY. I’m not slamming bitwarden here! I love bitwarden! As far as I can tell, it’s the best out there, and I’ve been using it for… 4-6+ years?

I’m just saying, let’s acknowledge that BW has finite resources, finite time available, finite energy, and a focus on what’s important to them as a company. Sometimes they agree with requests, sometimes not.

and it’s sure as hell not charging us (users) much at all… $10 a year? We shouldn’t complain at all! I honestly don’t know how they stay in business; must be corporate level stuff.

I’m just saying, follow the money. Yeah, i’d be pissed if I was paying $100-$300 a year for bitwarden and issues didn’t get resolved, but cmon, a free app? (or at most $10 a year?) That’s pennies a day! (2.74 to be precise)

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It’s probably not possible to let all users export their attachments for just a $10year subscription. Im not aware of the Azure data egress costs but think it has something to do with that…

Hey everyone, thanks for the passionate feedback! :fire:

Our high level roadmap is available here, and is a balancing act, focusing on security first and foremost, and then balancing features between the community, business and MSP/resellers.

I know it can be tough waiting to see if features will get implemented, but rest assured, if the team makes a decision one way or another on a particular request, I’ll be sure to share it here when it becomes available.


@dwbit What exactly makes this a non-issue for business users, in your point of view? Speaking as an individual user who is also the admin for a business (we use something other than lastpass), if I were evaluating moving from our current solution to bitwarden not being able to get full backups would 100% be a dealbreaker.

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As an existing customer learning about this insane limitation from hacker news of all places has me running for the hills back to 1password until this is resolved. I need to know my backups are 100%, I have critical, irreplaceable information stored as attachments in bitwarden that absolutely must be backed up! I’m just glad I found out now before it’s too late!

@dwbit I would consider user data loss a security issue, so it should be a high priority to get that added to the free edition. Data integrity is a crucial feature of any password manager. I get that you have to tier out features for paid and free, but giving users incomplete backups and risking having them being permanently locked out of something because they didn’t find out their backup didn’t have critical data they need until after the fact is unacceptable.

I’ve been really excited about standing up my own Bitwarden instance once postgresql is fully supported (and even paying for the Premium version), but after learning about this, I don’t know if I could trust putting my mission critical data in Bitwarden.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, we’re working on better messaging for the current way that Bitwarden exports currently function. Regarding the ability to export attachments, rest assured your feedback has been passed along to the team :+1:


4 Years later and this BUG (yes, its a bug, and not a missing feature) is still there.
Maybe I have to end my subscription next year.

What is the problem here?

So looking at the roadmap a solid full backup option isn’t even a priority for Bitwarden?

Thanks for the feedback everyone, the team is hard at work on the 2022 roadmap (which is subject to change) and I’ll check in with the team to see if there are any updates on this one. All Bitwarden clients features are designed with security, cross platform compatibility, and third party security audits in mind.

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The fact that this thread has been open for 4 years now, and still hasn’t been implemented is really making me consider going elsewhere - even if its not OpenSource.

Even at the bare minimum, no coding required, it was suggested to add a note on the export page stating/warning that attachments aren’t included in the export.

Yes, it’s incredible that more than 4 years later this has not yet been fixed (because, in my opinion, this is more a “conceptual bug” than a feature request).

I really love Bitwarden, but I feel some priorities should be revised (just an example, because I see it here below, in the suggested topics, the username generator has been proposed later than this, it had less votes, so it’s objectively less useful, and it’s already been implemented).

I know it’s not as slick as a built-in feature, but as a workaround I made a quick script that will backup your vault and all stored attachments. If you are comfortable with the command line, it is pretty easy to use, if you want to give it a try:

A link to the script is toward the end of the initial post.

This is an important feature for backups and export. Typically what you would be attaching is a critical piece of your security for a file, such as a QR code. Backup/Export without attachments can leave you with an incomplete security solution. Upvoted.

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Came across your scripts and was good starting point for building my backup scripts that run on my synology under docker. Good work!

This is a SERIOUS flaw! I just moved my vault from a self-hosted enviroment over to Bitwarden’s cloud and did not know NONE of my attachments were exported over. Now I have to scroll and find every login where I store critical attachments and manually move them.

This also means that if you export to make a backup it is INCOMPLETE!