Customizable vault item templates

Check out this request as it looks like someone has already started a thread for this feature.

Indeed. I noticed it only after I posted (upvoted it), despite searching in advance.

I understand many posts relate to creating different custom types of items, however it would be handy in my case to be able to set custom fields that are automatically applied to any given type.

For instance, for privacy purpose I like to keep track of which sites I give out my physical address to, using a boleean custom field – but until now, I have to create the custom field every time instead of just ticking the box or leaving it empty.

I’m surprised this doesn’t exist yet – maybe it does and I’m just bad at looking (or I’m completely misusing BW…).

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I guess you are talking about having custom templates or custom items. I would also like to see this feature. It would be really handy.

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Yes, although I’ve seen some earlier posts and it seemed it was technically complicated to implement if it meant creating new types/items. I was more thinking of a “set as default” option for custom fields which I guess could be more simple?

Aside from the “classification” use I mentioned in my original post which is not necessarily how BW is meant to be used, I often find myself creating a custom field for “Email” because it is different thant the Username, or vice versa. A bit tedious!

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Custom item types are on our backlog - but in regard to this, perhaps this is just an extension of that function such that you can have a custom ‘Login’ item type with your preferred fields instead of having to manage custom fields + default types as well as custom item types.

Also, for today, we recommend creating a blank item with all the fields you’d like to use and naming it as your template, and leveraging the clone feature to recreate it. I know it doesn’t address filtering, but hopefully it saves keystrokes, clicks, etc. :rocket:


One more thing, in India pretty much everyone has a unique number kind of like the social security number. It’s called Aadhar card. Basically it’s a physical card with the number. It would be great if you could make template for this under the card section or identity. We also have lot of other cards and numbers. The government does have a document vault but I was just wondering if you could include it as well…I think Enpass has a template for this. It’s okay if this is not on your radar. Just wanted to mention this :grinning:

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I am here too bump up this feature request as well. And I have a much simpler used case that is far more common: many websites require logins that have both a username and an email. It’s arguable that a dedicated email field in this day and age is far more common to a login than a username.

It’s important knowing which email is associated with each login as most websites require email for one purpose or another even if the login is technically just a username and a password. Gold standard password managers like PasswordSafe have fields for each entry by default that make standard the difference between a username and an email address for a login. It is so common that it deserves to be a default custom field in Bitwarden terms but seeing the comments here I can see how different regions and nations would have additional needs for default custom fields for unique, regular reoccurring login fields.

The bigger point here is that good software design uses human-centered design approaches that understand the customer’s perspective. As it stands right now Bitwarden is wasting so much of its customers’ time because there is no option to have a default, reoccurring custom field so its thousands of customers are manually doing this over and over again. It would be really great if this application would be able to catch up to open source software like PasswordSafe that has had a dedicated email field for many years. It would be smarter to add custom fields, with options to make them as defaults in every entry, so that users could customize to their local realities.

Hey @danlatorre I’ve merged your request, as customizable vault item templates are on the roadmap, which would allow you to layout your vault item entries as desired.

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As a Lean Product Manager myself, I understand good roadmaps are never overly specific about dates, but is this feature upgrade weeks, months, or years away from getting into production? I’m evaluating PW manager options to migrate to and don’t want to go backward from what I currently have (PasswordSafe+iCloud).

Hey @danlatorre the roadmap gets refreshed at the end of each quarter as development becomes more clear, so we’ll have a revised roadmap towards the end of the year with update timelines.

Recent convert from mSecure to BitWarden and as a Premium user, I need to ask directly, when can we expect the updated roadmap?
Needless to say I need the custom templates feature a lot.
Later edit: it’s available here: Bitwarden Roadmap

I switched from LastPass about a year ago (after about a decade as a LP user) and noticed that all my software licenses, credit cards bank info and other specific note types were all imported as regular secure notes. Not a dealbreaker but it was nice to have all those subtypes neatly organized with their own fields.
Custome templates would allow me to reorganize those items.

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Just migrated from LastPass after 10 years with them. For the love of god, add this feature. It’s must-have in any modern password manager.

Thanks for your patience everyone, the team is working on this one :+1:


Yes, the best news of the month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and thanks to everyone, who supported this request in the past!

Migrating from LastPass, same as above. Looking forward to seeing templates and different data types (date being probably the biggest one).

I’d love to be able to customize the existing Identity template and make my own. There is a lot of additional data I need to use often because I manage all my elderly father’s business for him, and I need to provide info like his Birthdate and Driver License Issue and Expiration dates, and while I can add fields for that, they aren’t listed with the other relevant data.

really need this feature

I’ve ended up doing a sort of this as a workaround on my own, so it would be great to have it built in as a feature. Thanks.