Customizable vault item templates

This might look similar to post Additional item types (pre-defined), but:

It would be very nice, if i could build my own templates (predefined item types) myself. so everyone is capable of putting those fields into his templates he needs. You will never find templates that fits for everyone in every country. So it might be the best way to let the user do this work.

This might be a lot of work for the programmers, but today I have to put my custom fields again and again into every entry (since there is no copy/paste oder duplicate feature for those actions).

Good idea?


Absolutely agree. It should only be a small amount of extra code to allow users to define templates, and would save the developers (developer?) the effort of trying to define a whole range of templates to suit everyone. These things are very territory-dependent as well.

Maybe also an offshoot of this forum for users to contribute/swap their templates? Would require an export/import feature for templates of course.


It’s already proposed as an answer in the topic you linked :slight_smile:

The user should be able to edit the templates or add their own custom types.

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+1 for this feature.

Until this has been implemented, the product won’t work for me personally. (Not that this really matters in the big scope of adding features.) I was planning on sending you yearly fees until I discovered this omission.

Cross platform needs (Mac/Win10/Linux) is what drove me to find another product that wasn’t ridiculously expensive.

I hope that this isn’t a huge undertaking for the developer as I really like to support the little guys.

Thanks for what looks to be an increasingly awesome product! If you decide to release User Definable Types, shoot me an email and I’ll reevaluate.


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I too am looking for a replacement. I am a longtime user of mSecure. I’ve had it with the new version, but I have also grown to like certain features such as custom templates and offline capability. I am not finding these two in BW.

mSecure for a LONG time too.

5 has some very nice things but without web/browse capabilities it falls WAY short for me. Not being able to use for browser is a real deal killer for me, hence the current quest.

I may see about getting involved development wise here after I finish a couple of projects I’m currently beholden to. This looks to be a really interesting project.

Agreed … this is needed badly. Hope the necessary movers & shakers take this and run with it. Would be nice to have some response from Bitwarden.

Allowing users to build their own templates might be very hard to implement from a development architecture stand point. I have instead tried to think of features that could make it appear like templates exist.

All of this would be built off the existing note item type:

-hide all none utilized fields in the web vault when viewing like it does on the extension
-allow for duplication of existing objects
-allow someone to set the image icon for a secure note
-allow new “type” field that could be added to or selected from existing which would be used to sort on the all items vault

This would in effect create templates without having to create tens of new predefined fields and give a huge step over 1password and lasspass

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Hi Ryan,

any progress in this direction is very welcome! Go for it! :slight_smile:

Best regards


Currently trialing Bitwarden for Enterprises and this one feature would really make this a much easier sell from on my end.

Oh yes … this is the cherry on the top :slight_smile:

I just registered here to request something similar.
I have several wifi passwords and server credentials I want to store in a custom Item Type.


This is what I need.

Of course some more predefined templates might be useful, but allowing users to edit or create new template with personalized field list would be better.

i really want this feature, because i typically also track other information stored in an account like the address on file, any payment methods tied to it, email address(es) connected, etc; things that the login item does not support by default—and i do not think it should.

i would love to be able to use a template that has those fields already setup instead of having to manually create them every time i make a new login. also to apply them en-masse to the logins i already have and want to update to have that information. it takes as much time setting up those fields on each individual vault item as it does filling the information in, which basically doubles the time it takes to make these changes.

This will also be great in an enterprise if the templates can be shared via groups. This will allow admins to create custom, pre-defined item templates specific for the organisation/team. Sharing the template with the group would create standardization in the recording of important items.

These templates would also need to show alongside the built-in item types in the UI.

This is a must have feature in my opinion. But after looking at the code base and if I understand it correct, it isn’t a trivial thing to do that, as currently all templates are hard coded in different classes.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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This would definitely not be an overnight item to implement :slight_smile:

We now have the ability to clone items, so you could potentially set up template items and assign them to a Templates folder or collection.

This would be awesome.

I understand that it will be hard to implement, but I guess it’s not a super important feature, so there’s no need to rush. Maybe it makes sense to combine it with a code refactor that makes this very thing easier to implement.

For enterprise it’s mandatory to be able to create new type

I am confused about how there is a lot of focus on enterprise additions yet more predefined templates or even the ability to define your own templates hasn’t been created. I’ve worked chatted with my own companies internal IT team it seemed this would drive them crazy. Even as a regular user with my enterprise the amount of similar information I need to save across various systems practically makes this a required featured.