Please revert "suppress user-select for most interface elements"

Revert the suppression of user-select for interface elements

A recent version added this “feature”:

  • Browser: suppress user-select for most interface elements
  • Desktop: suppress user-select for most interface elements

It’s not clear what motivated this feature but it makes it more difficult to use Bitwarden. It seems to be based on a mistaken assumption that only field values are valuable and not the field names.

Because Bitwarden does not support custom templates yet, and because items associated with organizations cannot be copied (why?), I often create new items and copy the names of fields in similar existing items to the new items. This saves a lot of time and prevents mistaken entry.

For example, I have items with server credentials. They typically have fields like “IPv4” and “IPv6”. When a new server is created, we copy the field names from an existing card before filling in the new values. Now, we have to enter them manually, which means that we’ll inevitably enter things like “ipv4”, “IP”, “IPV6”, and other unintentional variations. These are short field names, but some items have fields with much longer names, like “Secret Access Key”, which are far more prone to mistaken manual entry.

The solution is simple: do not prevent user selection of field names (both custom and non-custom). User selection was already there. Please don’t take it away.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll review this one with the team :+1: