Ability to Clone Item in a Collection

Feature name

Ability to Clone Item in a Collection

Feature function

The “clone item” feature is disabled for items in a collection. When using the browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app, they are not there. When using the Web, users with proper permissions can go to the Organization page and then choose Clone there, but cannot Clone from the item when looking at their own vault.

Having an ability to Clone (only by going to the Web, browsing to the Organization’s Vault), but making it hard to browse to does not help security, but is simply rather annoying. There does not seem to be any difference between the Clone dialog on the Collection page vs on the personal vault, except that the default Ownership is set to the Collection.

Related topics + references

When a user wants to “unshare” an item, they’re told to Clone the item to their personal vault, then delete it. This is extra annoying since it cannot be done via Desktop, Mobile, or Browser extension.