Ability to Clone Item in a Collection

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Ability to Clone Item in a Collection

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The “clone item” feature is disabled for items in a collection. When using the browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app, they are not there. When using the Web, users with proper permissions can go to the Organization page and then choose Clone there, but cannot Clone from the item when looking at their own vault.

Having an ability to Clone (only by going to the Web, browsing to the Organization’s Vault), but making it hard to browse to does not help security, but is simply rather annoying. There does not seem to be any difference between the Clone dialog on the Collection page vs on the personal vault, except that the default Ownership is set to the Collection.

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When a user wants to “unshare” an item, they’re told to Clone the item to their personal vault, then delete it. This is extra annoying since it cannot be done via Desktop, Mobile, or Browser extension.


Definitely very annoying. Now that I figured out collections are to blame, I’d definitely want to see a fix.


Just wasted 10 min trying to figure out why cloning wasn’t working in my organization. Why is this disabled Bitwarden?

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, it is correct that currently cloning items in your individual vault is done via the vaults tab, but cloning organization items is done from the organization admin view.

Regarding the feedback about accessing this feature from vaults tab vs org view, I’ve passed this along to the team.


How do new users know we can’t clone collection in individual vault?
I face the same issue and only know solution after some searching.

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Upvoted. It is annoying to NOT have Clone function, especially if taking advantage of additional fields, and particularly when my non-admin user account has full edit permissions over the collection and its content!

Also: it’s 2023 and this request was created in 2021. How is this still a thing?? :frowning:


I remember having the ability to Clone any item (in My Vault or Organization Vault) from the BitWarden desktop client. Now the ability is gone for Org. items, can’t do it even using web GUI. What happened? It’s really frustrating since I often need an exact copy of an existing multi-field item.

Desperately needed in our organization, too. :v:

Hey all, let us know if the clone feature isn’t working as expected:

We are Missing the Clone feature in the Desktop Client for entries in collections of our Organization. This feature was long time available in the Desktop Client and was working without problems for us. In one of the last recent updates of the Desktop Client this feature is gone now. Was this a intended change? The cloning process via the Web Interface in the Organization Tab is not very user friendly. If possible please bring the cloning functionality back to the Desktop Client. This would be very helpful feature for us.

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We are in exactly the same position. Clone works fine on Web but we mostly don’t use the web interface for our work. Cloning in Desktop Client worked perfectly - please restore that feature. Hugely convenient and a time saver.

clone is now gone from collections, i swear it use to be there… self hosted.

This can be done, but needs to be done via the Org vault view within the web-vault.

See the response from @bw-admin,

As well as the Bitwarden Help article regarding cloning items.

To clone an item owned by an organization, you need to clone it from the organization vault view using the web vault.

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Thank you for the advice.
I can confirm that is correct, going into org up top through that view allows the clone menu to pop up.

I really thought we could do it via the desktop app at some point though and a lot of my - clone entries point to that, however I could be mistaken.

You’re not mistaken. We used the function of cloning in the desktop app daily. Suddenly it disappeared and made our life a lot harder. We rely on the desktop app and our flow is broken for months now. Going to the web vault just to clone an item is really inconvenient (open browser, type address, log in, password, 2fa, browse to collection, find the item, clone…). Please restore the functionality back to the desktop client.

That may be my bad, this was removed from the Desktop client in release 2023.2.0 after a bug report, to align with other clients such as the mobile app and browser extension, which do not have this functionality.

The Clone function seemed to cause inconsistencies for Organizational items within a collection.

I have spoken to @bw-admin to get any further insight from the team and have been made aware of future initiatives to bring this functionality back with along with a new feature for “flexible collections” which should allow for more individual management of collections for Org users as I understand.


"With flexible collections, we are bringing collection management capabilities to the individual vault view; as a follow-up, we also plan to bring those management capabilities to other clients as well (e.g. cloning org items in desktop)."

any organization account will get this access.

Thanks for the update Kent, hopefully the guys manage to implement this change soon.

It really doesn’t make any sense to restrict this feature to the web vault, especially for org admins. I only use the web vault for account admin tasks. I’m sure many personal/family users do too.

The clone feature shouldn’t be admin only either. It should be a toggle that can be configured by admins based on collection, user/group, folder, so families can enable it as needed.

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Agreed. Also, now with different features being available dependent on which method you use (desktop app, mobile app, web vault, or extension) is less than ideal.

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Still kinda crazy to me this feature isn’t in the desktop version after 2 years… I just stumbled on this same issue.