Keep extra custom fields for new entries

Hello, I would like to request the feature to allow Bitwarden to, once we register/add a new extra field (ie, Extra Field 1), keep it saved for future entries. So it will appear to be filled in new records automatically, but skip it from being registered when we save the new entry without filling it.

As an example, I come from an Android app called ‘Memento Database’, where you can create your own databases with fully customized fields. So, you can allow the app to show your custom fields on every new entry, and if not filled, them are just not included when you save it.

It will allow us to create new entries easier, and dinamically.

Hello there :slight_smile:
I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to achieve. Bitwarden already supports custom fields, see here :

There are also some feature requests about adding templates in Bitwarden :

Does any of this help ?

Thank you for your reply.
My question is related in some way with the Building my own pre-defined item types one proposed on there. We could create our custom templates with fully customized fields to reuse them in the future.

So, is that actually a built-in feature?