Publish roadmap

It would be really nice to have this and have at least an idea of what is coming (or not). This way we can also decide if we want stay with BW or possible look at alternative solutions if certain functionality might not be implemented (soon).

There are quite a few (popular) feature requests, but it would be good to know if these are at least being considered or possibly already planned. Thanks!

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Let me begin by saying I’m generally very pleased with Bitwarden as it is, and my decision to pay for it (which I have) was not based on any promises of future features. BUT…

The “publish roadmap” feature request is ITSELF one of THE MOST VOTED requests (currently 143 votes). As a software dev myself (albeit not this kind), this request should be one of the easiest to implement, because it should be a part of the core development process anyway. If this product has any forward momentum, there must be a plan for what to work on next…some priorities?

We’d simply like to have an idea of the trajectory of this ship. Otherwise this whole “voting” business begins to feel useless.


+1 for more transparency with a publicly accessible roadmap.

Even if you do not want to share your priorities… what is the best way to always keep updated about new developments and new features? Can you point me to the documentation / typical release cycle?

Edit: Please ignore my question for documentation - just discovered releases and infos in the github repo


Even if the development is going on, you can’t really see what’s happening or what will be released. Since Im missing some important features, I would like to know, if something ist coming in near future.

This isn’t the first time a request for some sort of development roadmap/future update plan has been made - I asked the same question several months ago and got no response at all.

I’m not sure why there is nothing forthcoming whenever this question is asked, but any requests just seem to be ignored.

From a product standpoint, BitWarden is excellent, but it’s a real pity that it seems impossible to get any information on where BitWarden is heading to :neutral_face:


I spotted this: They mention what they currently work on. This would already be fine, no?


It would be nice.

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+1 for transparency.

You could add disclaimer etc etc on features slipping but it would be good to know the direction of travel… escpecially with a subscription service…

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Would be great to see, what’s coming next (and when)

Perhaps now that BitWarden has a new CEO and new CCO, they will communicate a bit better, actually just communicate, the development pathway of BitWarden.

I”ve said it before; BitWarden is an excellent product, but the communication of its future is woeful.

It’s been more than 2 years since this post was created, and there hasn’t yet been a formal response. Now that there are more Bitwarden staff, could someone look at this request and let us know:

  1. Is this under consideration?
  2. If it is, when can we expect to hear something about this?

I really think this is something every Bitwarden user would welcome.


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We are working on a good way to share this information - we’re aiming for a way to just integrate into GitHub for future / todo items that are coming. Hopefully within the next month or two we’ll have it flushed out and published.


That’s great, but with respect it sounds like you are completely over-engineering this. It literally takes 2 minutes to create a Trello board or GitHub project, and maybe another hour to populate it with a skeleton of your existing roadmap. And yet here we are, over 2 years since this was originally requested, and the official position is that you’ll have something “Hopefully within the next month or two”.

The community doesn’t need a perfect or complete picture of the roadmap, just a rough idea which can be iterated on collaboratively by the maintainers with input from the community. The sooner you get it out there, the quicker you can align it with what people actually want.

If your roadmap aligns more with a small number of customers who contribute the majority of your revenue than with the rest of the community, there’s no shame in that or need to hide it. On the contrary it would actually help show the non-paying portion of the community that they would need to fund you better in order to increase the priority of the features they want, and this in turn should increase your revenue.

Sorry if this sounds cynical, but in my 30 years in the software industry, so many times I’ve heard vague promises like “we’ll get to it soon” which don’t get fulfilled that I know they generally mean nothing when I hear them. Hell, I’ve even been guilty of saying that kind of thing myself - not meaning to intentionally mislead my audience, but through failing to be honest with myself about what I will realistically achieve.

So please share your goals and ongoing work regularly and openly, and if you miss them, share the reasons why in the open too. You’ll find that people appreciate honesty and transparency (even in failure) much more than keeping everything behind closed doors. Free and Open Source works best as a bazaar, not a cathedral.

These suggestions are meant as constructive criticism; please be assured that I want Bitwarden to succeed just as much as you do :slight_smile:


Agreed - simplicity is the goal, and we’re getting there.

The current top 2 items coming up are:

  • Soft delete (aka trash can)
  • Auto-logout (aligns with options for 2FA unlocking)

We are almost 2 months down the road, is there any update on the roadmap? Thanks!

Maybe this interesting talk on roadmaps will serve as some inspiration…

I know it’s been a while you wrote this but… I’m quite sure that you guys use Trello internally, right?

Any chance to get a public Trello page for public users?

That would be much clever, ihmo.

But of course it takes a long time for people to get it updated often, so it would require someone’s time just to keep it updated frequently, in case that’s published there publicly.

That’s all I got to say now.

Browsing Bitwarden GitHub repositories should be enough to see what’s going on. Maybe on GitHub devs could inform about new development.

Hi folks!

Our current roadmap is now posted/pinned here: