Publish roadmap

Publish a roadmap that new and returning customer can easily see which feature is already developed or which is in development and when it will published.

I suggest using Trello for maintaining a public roadmap. For example, here is Dynalist’s roadmap. It is clear, in a glance, which features are planned and in-progress.


Trello, and trello everywhere. :smirk: I never actually got convinced that trello is worth all of the efforts to make it organised.

I used and really liked simplicity of It is pricey though.

Asana has a nice clean view, and last time I checked it was free, or freeish. Asana is bigger than just this, but ‘boards’ functionality from Asana is a nicer looking Trello.

But… the one that stole my heart, both pretty and functional - :heart_eyes_cat:

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Well I didn’t mean its Trello or nothing. :slight_smile: Look, feel and feature wise, I think, most if not all, new Kanban board services have already surpassed Trello. I personally have moved to

But Trello has the public boards (doesn’t require visitor to have Trello account to view) and vote on cards feature, which make it invaluable to share roadmap to the public and have a rudimentary system to prioritize features.

@eskela The services that you recommended, do they have public boards and vote on cards feature? I am looking for Trello alternate for my projects that has those two features.

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Oh, I didn’t make myself clear. Roadmap (requested by OP) doesn’t necessarily mean Trello-like functionality. Currently, with voting and stuff, discourse is our Trello with nicer options to discuss things. So my suggestions were not a direct Trello replacement. Sharing is doable on most, but I don’t think it’s ‘anyone can click link to access’ setup, but I haven’t checked some of them for some time.

I see roadmap as a statement from developer that gives users rough idea what we can get in next 3, 6 and 12 months. We do voting here, so I don’t really see the need to double the work in maintaining both discourse and trello. However, votes/popularity doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be the exact order of doing things and roadmap document fixes it. Roadmap from developer would be something between estimations and timelines, can be driven a bit by votes, but would also take other things in mind (less popular feature could be done faster because it happens to be less complex).

I suggested tools that can allow to easily organise tasks and group chosen functionalities in short/medium/long-term and publish them via blog or email, even in a form of a screenshot. :slight_smile:

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Damn, I wonder where you find these things. Such amazing platform, it looks quite nice. I’d love if we moved there. But it’s not an easy choice to do, since we would be using 3 more platforms to track the project. (GitHub, here and ClickUp. Besides other announcement/support plaftforms on social medias.)

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Neither of my suggestions was replacement for discourse, just to be clear :wink: . OP suggested having a roadmap and I like the idea of roadmap, even a basic one, makes you excited for the future :smiley: . Roadmap tool is one thing, voting/feature requesting is another. You can’t have discussion on roadmap and the other way around, it’s very difficult to get an idea of a roadmap from votes on forum.

Where do I find those things? Google and work. After some time you actually get bored, there are tons of tools like it and all claim to be that one special that solves all of your problems. Spoiler alert - nope, they don’t. :smiley: But you only learn it after you go through +20 project related tools… :smirk:

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While a roadmap has some advantages, I think Kyle might disagree. Some developers will do it at the request of users, but what ends up happening is the developer gets berated when a “Coming Soon” feature takes a while to release and turns into emails with “You said [this feature] is coming soon, but I still don’t see it. When is it coming out?”

Protonmail is a good example of this. They announce upcoming features, but then it’s all people ever ask on the subreddit. “When is this feature coming out? It was announced a year ago?” Then they get criticized when a different feature is released and users complain “Why did you put this feature out before [other feature] like you said?”


well at least you know what is coming, now you don’t know what is coming or when.
You know what direction proton is taking by reading the blog and reddit, but what about bitwarden?
I think any premium customer will appreciate this information in particular if we are talking about a subscription.


It would be interesting to know what features @kspearrin is currently working on.


Personally I like the general idea but I think that a blog post on the website from time to time (once a month/ every two months) will suffice for me and I dare to think for most.

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Of course a simple blogpost is better than nothing. But currently we can only guess what @kspearrin is working on.
Maybe there also good reason why he not to publish a roadmap but since he didn´t reacted to this post we can only assume also this.

It really does not have to be fancy. In any way. This is my favorite “roadmap” by a developer team:

Literally 4 bullets and they cross off the old ones every once in a while. It’s pinned to the top of the release notes page. From’s team.


It would be really nice to have this and have at least an idea of what is coming (or not). This way we can also decide if we want stay with BW or possible look at alternative solutions if certain functionality might not be implemented (soon).

There are quite a few (popular) feature requests, but it would be good to know if these are at least being considered or possibly already planned. Thanks!

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Let me begin by saying I’m generally very pleased with Bitwarden as it is, and my decision to pay for it (which I have) was not based on any promises of future features. BUT…

The “publish roadmap” feature request is ITSELF one of THE MOST VOTED requests (currently 143 votes). As a software dev myself (albeit not this kind), this request should be one of the easiest to implement, because it should be a part of the core development process anyway. If this product has any forward momentum, there must be a plan for what to work on next…some priorities?

We’d simply like to have an idea of the trajectory of this ship. Otherwise this whole “voting” business begins to feel useless.


+1 for more transparency with a publicly accessible roadmap.

Even if you do not want to share your priorities… what is the best way to always keep updated about new developments and new features? Can you point me to the documentation / typical release cycle?

Edit: Please ignore my question for documentation - just discovered releases and infos in the github repo


Even if the development is going on, you can’t really see what’s happening or what will be released. Since Im missing some important features, I would like to know, if something ist coming in near future.

This isn’t the first time a request for some sort of development roadmap/future update plan has been made - I asked the same question several months ago and got no response at all.

I’m not sure why there is nothing forthcoming whenever this question is asked, but any requests just seem to be ignored.

From a product standpoint, BitWarden is excellent, but it’s a real pity that it seems impossible to get any information on where BitWarden is heading to :neutral_face:

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I spotted this: They mention what they currently work on. This would already be fine, no?

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It would be nice.