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The 2023 Q1 Roadmap is now available (updated quarterly). As with any roadmap, timelines can and will shift as the team works through product discovery and development. We strive for transparency and will update this roadmap as a living document. You can also review previous release notes at any time.

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Hey @viktor Bitwarden send functionality will be expanded so that you’ll be able to send a vault item and have someone add it to their own vault, including those outside of the organization.


It seems like the roadmap got updated since my last visit. What does „Account Security with Passkeys“ mean?

Could it be something like 1Password plans? (Which is something I‘d reeeeeally like to see.)


Hey there! Bitwarden is working on additional passwordless options to access your Bitwarden account :+1:


Glad to hear. Live the transparency. My hope is that this statement indicates working toward replacement of master password with passkeys instead of just adding another option. While I understand this may be a multi step process, I’m hoping it’s building toward this

BW put out a passkey demo on YT
Coming Summer 2023 :thinking:

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Now a 2nd video showing a demo of signing in to BW with a Passkey.

I note

  1. there is an optional 2nd step to enable encryption. What would be the point of creating a Passkey without encryption?
  2. the version :grinning: 2023.4.2

Is there any news when Log in with device (Log in with Device | Bitwarden Help Center) will be available for self hosted environments?

Edit : Just found the PRs by myself:

Seems they just have missed the recent may release

Nothing gets past you! Keep an eye out for our next release :wink: