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Items on the roadmap indicate development initiatives rather than delivery date. We strive for transparency and will update this roadmap as a living document. You can also review previous release notes at any time.

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Hey @viktor Bitwarden send functionality will be expanded so that you’ll be able to send a vault item and have someone add it to their own vault, including those outside of the organization.


I understand and share your concerns. When you mention “Research and Development,” it can seem quite broad and may be hard for users like myself to grasp exactly what that encompasses. It could imply these features might be implemented in 1 year, 5 years, or even 10 years. The ambiguity makes it challenging to set expectations. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial if you could be more transparent about your planned improvements and the timelines. While I completely appreciate the importance of security, I believe that clear and frequent communication with your users is just as vital. This can help us feel more informed and valued as members of your user base.


Hello dear Bitwarden, :wave: first of all thank you for the fantastic job you do, we really appreciate it. :clap: just like everyone else, I wonder when we will know more detail about the roadmap? time has passed and we have no info. Can you share something? once again grateful for your efforts and grateful for answers.



I’m confused. Does that mean none of the features on this Roadmap 2023 are planned to release in 2023? They are just some features possibly “beginning research and development” in the first half of 2023 and some to be considered sometime after 2023 (“Future initiatives”)?

Is there a roadmap for features that are actually planned to release in 2023?


I’m here for the security and commitment to independence, not the new features. Those are nice, and they’ll come when they’re ready. Anxiety over when new features will be here is the equivalent of keeping up with the Joneses. Unless of course you have a business requirement depending on one of those upcoming features, in which case you should be asking the support and sales teams, not badgering on a public forum.

Frankly, I appreciate the fact that they’re not kowtowing to incessant pressure on updating a public roadmap they have no obligation to produce. This kind of pressure could impact feature release, weakening secure development. Sure, the communication could be better, but I’m pretty astonished at some of these comments.


Hi - Gina from the product team. The latest update of the roadmap is aimed towards providing more transparency about what items are in active development and what items are next in the queue or working through additional research. As the Bitwarden team releases new features, the roadmap will continually get updated so that the Bitwarden community will know what items are likely to be released near-term.

We do read and appreciate all the feedback. As transparency is a core value for Bitwarden, we will continue to improve on providing more updates to our supportive community.


@gtran an Update for 2024 would be nice… :smiley:


The current roadmap you see is the latest for 2024. An updated one will be shared in the coming weeks!


Any plans for autofill feature when it comes to TOTP field? Trying this on Chrome at the moment and the extension does not identify the TOTP field for autofill of verification code.

Hello Kiran, and welcome to the community,

There was a discussion on reddit recently, and the leader @cryopof there said there is such a feature, although relatively new and not working for all website:

ps: Also, CTRL-v (pasting) is supposed to work. I don’t use the TOTP feature.

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Thank you for pointing me to the reddit discussion @Neuron5569. That’s exactly the same limitation I am facing at the moment. I can confirm CTRL+V works on a few sites, but not on every site.

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I was wondering if there was any plans to make the password manager SDK in this repo stable and public?

I am building a bitwarden client for my own use and currently I am just wrapping the official Bitwarden CLI, but it’s becoming a bit annoying. Since I am using Rust anyway, it would be awesome if I could just use the official SDK.


Ctrl+V should work unless the website has expressly prohibited pasting of TOTP codes. Auto-filling (e.g., using Ctrl+Shift+L or any of the other auto-filling methods) only works when Bitwarden can recognize the TOTP input field (which is only the case when the TOTP input field identifier matches one of 18 values known to the browser extension: totp, 2fa, mfa, totpcode, 2facode, approvals_code, code, mfacode, otc, otc-code, otp-code, otpcode, pin, security_code, twofactor, twofa, twofactorcode, or verificationCode).


Hi Matthias! The plan is to be able to make the SDK usable for the Bitwarden engineering teams so it can be easier to develop features across each client. Currently, the SDK is quite limited so the internal use case has not yet been realized. Though, once it is fully featured, the plan is to also make it publicly available. Would love to learn more about the Bitwarden client you are building!

@grb is on the nose here. The auto-fill team is doing more research into how Bitwarden can more accurately detect input fields, which we’ll also include TOTP codes. If you can, it would be great if you can include more detail about the site you had challenges on this form as this is where the team is monitoring auto-fill challenges.


Implementing linked custom fields for TOTP codes would go a long way towards alleviating existing pain points around TOTP auto-fill. That would at least allow users to solve TOTP auto-fill issues on their own until devs have optimized their field detection algorithms (which will always be a game of catch-up, I’m afraid).

In the meantime, it would be great if you could add the following two identifiers to the TotpFieldNames array:

  • verification_code (Amazon)
  • auth-mfa-otpcode (Mathworks)

I will submit these two on the Google form as well.