Persistent Bitwarden UI and maintain unsaved data

When creating a login I often want to copy paste information from elsewhere. This habit got ingrained when using LastPass. The Bitwarden extension doesn’t remember any state, however, so every time I click away the extension resets and I have to start all over again. It’d be nice if the extension remembered my location in other contexts, but I really really want it to save state while creating a login so that I can copy paste.


Ditto for the Android app. If I switch back to an app or website while creating a new login, I lose everything. It would be nice to be able to bounce back and forth while creating new logins on my phone.

Edit: The android app should keep the activity active while creating a new login.

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Popup window for browser button currently loses it’s state when closed.

Reasoning: Browser logic automatically closes popup when it looses focus, this most commonly include clicking outside of popup, whether accidentally, or when trying to switch to another tab.

less commonly: I use a clipboard manager, and some times I want to paste a previously copied URL or username, but once I do that - the content is lost.

It is completely understandable that state preservation is probably a complex solution, but it would make saving new logins and editing existing records frustration free.

2nd best solution: Add an option to automatic popup window when editing, better yet, open in a tab.

I believe this is somewhat a repeat of Browser extension remembers where I was.

Seems to be related to Browser extension remembers where I was and Browser Extensions: Preserve edit state until explicitly save or dismiss, even if popup closes

For some purposes I have to work in another app outside the browser while creating an item in the browser extension popup. It’s frustrating to start that process over again. If there isn’t a concern I’m missing, I’d like to request the feature.

There are already features requests about this (see below).
As a workaround, you can open the popup in a new window using the top left button, or use the desktop app.

It’s better to show a message when a user moves to another item with unsaved changes.

An example case is
-User changes the password field on Bitwarden app
-User forgets they need to save it
-User moves to another item without saving
-The changed password is lost and the user cannot recover it

Of course this is a mistake, but it can happen easily. Safety device should be implemented.


I’m out of votes, so I’ll +1 this here.


Web vault also needs the same features.


When I want to enroll in a new service, I go through a sign up procedure. This is always a drag, so I’m trying to do it as quickly as possible. However, I’ve hit a snag multiple times now where I click the extension button (doing this from Firefox desktop mainly), click “Add a Login”, put in a username, and then click the password generation button. However, I often forget to click the “Select” link on the password generation dialog, and then the “Save” link on the login addition dialog. Thus when I’ve gone and copy-pasted the password into the signup form, I have to go back and save it again because the state for the login and the generated password is gone.

It would be nice if the extension state persisted between button clicks and/or if my input was automatically saved (so there’d be no need to hit “Select” and/or “Save” at all). (To be safe, maybe this should only be done for non-destructive changes?)

Often I sign up for an account on a website while simultaneously adding it to bitwarden. Several times after clicking ‘new item’ I use the password generator to make a password, and then click back to the website to paste the generated password in, forgetting to click save on the new entry in Bitwarden. So I think it’s saved, when in fact the entry is gone. It would be nice if it either auto saved, retained the state, or kept the plugin window open until an item is saved.

Was going to feature request this. I have done this twice now using the MacOS app. Thinking that I have saved an edit, go to use the new password a little later and find out I didn’t save it.

Maybe put this unsaved changed in password history as an unsaved edit?

I know it is my fault, but it would be great to have the software catch this.

Yeah, that’s true. It’s a frustration as I want to keep the browser popup open and click somewhere else and then… It’s gone. (No South Park pun intended here. :roll_eyes:)

Well, my suggestion would be to keep the overlay popup attached to the current tab, but that would bring some background security issues that have to be studied first. Requires some software engineering as well to make sure no breaches are left behind.

Erm, what I meant here is about keeping the detached popup (small window) linked to the current tab. That would solve the problem (partially). But what people have been expecting for years is to have the current popup browser extension to auto-save the unfinished entries. That also would bring some security issues, if you’re in public places, so it also has to be reviewed thoroughly.

There’s a post somewhere talking about it, but I’m kinda in a hurry here. I can come back later and leave the link here. I’ll be owing ya at this time, sorry.

But yes, that can be implemented, in future. Just be patient. :sweat_smile:

I also had this Problem. I would really like it if there was an Auto Safe or at least a Prompt, which warns me, that the Item isnt safed.

Yes, this feature is needed. The history of passwort generator might help you recover an unsaved password, but this issue should really be addressed.

The browser extension should at least remember a newly created but unsaved entry when the extension dialog was closed. The desktop client should do the same or warn the user of the unsaved changes when they switch to another entry.


Yes, I’m wondering about this now.

I’m typing here because I didn’t see this option added to the published roadmap, so I believe it’s a good reminder.

Editing an entry and forgetting to save the changes is something awful. Even more when everything is discarded without any prompts.

So I’ll be waiting for this. Already voted on this feature. Thanks for the tip.

Same on the Bitwarden site, clicking outside of a record closes it without saving any changes. Very frustrating!

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Agreed, it is frustrating.

It should be possible to display an “are you sure?” box when the focus moves and ask people if they want to save what they have dine so far.

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I agree
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