Option for extension to remain open upon losing focus

## Feature name
Sticky UI and friends

## Feature functions

  • Option to keep extension open when losing focus.
  • Be allowed to rearrange, create or delete every single type of field
  • Have the [Check Pw] [Copy Pw] [View Pw] buttons spaced out a bit for fewer miss clicks
  • Also Make those Icons a bit more Intuitive. I have to wait for the tooltip all the time.
  • I would argue further to have the [Pop out to a new window] button moved when popped.
    I often pop a third window to life when instinctively clicking believing it to re attach itself.
  • Have the ability to add pictures to Identitys.
  • Ability to color folders and even color the fields lables
  • Alternatively at least get some additional icons to choose from.
  • Reamping the whole “add a file” thingie adding the feel of an actual file stored inside with an Icon.
  • While reamping also add support for more special filetypes.

It would be great if adding a pgp-key would be treated as a special object instead of the user having to cut and paste
the exact right characters wherever there’s room.

I have just migrated to the Vivaldi browser and while working as before I did noticed that when popping out to a new
window, at least in Vivaldi, you get a complete browser and not a slimed beautiful modal.

## What benefits will this feature bring?

I have been using Bitwarden for quite some time now and would love some additional structure tools.
I have fallen in this trap so many times I just don’t know what!

  • Create a new login
  • Enter User Name
  • Enter URL
  • Generate a Password
  • Clicking on the homepage to paste said Password…
  • Bitwarden closes abruptly and poofs my work while pasting the password,
    completing the account creation and then erasing my password from my
    clipboard since I like having it auto erase after 30 seconds.

I would also like to be allowed to place the different field boxes inside logins,
where I want to. All of them. I seldom enter any notes and don’t know what TOTO (?) is
so those fields could go. Maybe even get erased.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Bitwarden more than the other ones I have tried,
I just love to have a lot of customization options. and not just “Light” or “Dark” theme which is the norm now a days.

And finally. Would it be possible to have the Composing e-mail free floating and not just fullscreen or awkward corner-mode.

Thank you for your time and any questions arises they will gladly be answered.



But I don’t have any secrets right now.

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