Bitwarden browser extension not saving log ins

I’ve found with over half of the sites I log into for the first time, Bitwarden is not auto-saving the login information. This is particularly annoying when I’ve used a Bitwarden generated password, so do not remember the password at all. Chrome, Brave, and Firefox will all ask if I want to save the username and password, but Bitwarden won’t.


I can confirm this. Same for creditcard info, … Bitwarden needs to improve it. What I do now, is I generate the password first in bitwarden while registering (add login in browser extension), copy the password while it’s generating and save it. Although I believe it will auto-fillin the password afterwards, but a copy-paste makes me feel more certain …

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The same problem happens to me on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I migrated from a paid security system (LastPass) and am willing to support Bitwarden but at this point it’s not functioning up to par.


Could you guys please also complement which OS you’re using? I’m having the same issues with the Safari browser plug-in running on MacOS 10.14 and 10.15.

I’ve already contacted the Bitwarden support team regarding this problem but they deny that this is a common issue that also affects other users. I’d suggest that you drop them a line directly and let them know it also affects other users as well.

Just to make sure: Bitwarden is not showing you a prompt to save new login credentials to the vault?

Blockquote Bitwarden is not showing you a prompt to save new login credentials to the vault

Yep, that’s exactly what is happening, the prompt to save the login doesn’t show up.

As for OS I’m running it both on Windows 10 and MacOS 10.14.6
The Browsers I use with bitwarden are firefox, Brave and Chrome, and I have the issue across all of them

I have the same issue on osx 10.14 with chrome and Safari

I have the same issue with MacOS 10.15.6 and Safari both 13 and 14. Have just registered here and generated the password in BW but only Safari offered to save the password

Also have similar problems in Windows10 and Firefox

Unfortunately this is happening on my system as well (macOS 10.15.7 and Safari 14). It never works in Safari.
In Chrome I do sometimes get notifications asking me whether I would like to save the login details.
Of course I do have the bitwarden extension setup accordingly.

Same here. It’s been a few months and still no save password prompt.

For me, it works in Firefox (shows a top bar to save to Bitwarden whenever I log in / create an account), but not in Chrome (Windows). Please fix this.

It works fine for me in Chrome and Firefox (on Windows).

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I am using it on chrome at the moment and I don’t seem to be able to get it to work. my chrome version is [Version 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (64-bit)] and the extension’s version is [1.48.1]. I have tested it on multiple websites and it doesn’t seem to work on any of them ever.


Using Firefox 85.0.2, Windows 10, creating an account in this community, Bitwarden didn’t asked me or saved the user/password. I had to manually add it.

Nor for me! On Firefox for Ubuntu and Chrome and Firefox on Android.

So annoying.

Experiencing same on Brave (Version 1.20.103 Chromium: 88.0.4324.152 (Official Build) (x86_64)), MacOS Cataline 10.15.6.

Joined just to add to this thread. Migrated over from LastPass and really miss having the autofill icon in the entry fields and the prompt to save passwords.
Currently experiencing no prompt to save new logins across Chrome and Firefox (latest versions of both) on Mac OS 11.2.1

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Long time user here.
I have changed the way I handle credentials to avoid this issue as Bitwarden never will be able to “adjust” to all the millions of websites out there. After some time of doing it this way it now feels “normal” to me:

  • A new website! So a registration is necessary.
  • I first enter all required data like username, password and URI into Bitwarden.
  • Then I use the saved data from within Bitwarden first to register and later on to log in.

Result: Issue avoided.


This is the method that the Bitwarden team recommends as well. Currently, the automatic save logins feature does not work properly on more sites.

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I too am looking at a Lastpass replacement, However, not once has Bitwarden prompted me to save a new or changed password on Firefox, the latest update. This is a serious shortcoming, and the process to manually add/change usernames/passwords isn’t great either. The danger is I change/add a password, and Bitwarden doesn’t record it. Lastpass does this almost flawlessly, so it can be done. I initially liked Bitwarden, and also became a Premium member. I hope this fixed.


Same here (windows and Mac, both chrome).