History for all fields like Password History

Make change history a universal feature for every field. I’m not sure how history shares currently but that would be nice to have a toggle control over if I want to allow the other person to see the change histories.

There have been a few requests asking for specific fields to gain this feature two I could find on a quick search:


Agree, especially the TOTP code is missing in the history. Imagine the disaster if you accidentally delete the TOTP and don’t have a backup of it. (Of course you should have one, but shjt happens.)

To avoid this scenario, I always manually create a custom field “TOTP backup”.

Would be great if I could spare this step going forward.


Completely agree; any secret field should have an automatic history. All fields would be good too.


I think Bitwarden could make an account based storage limit and make the user responsible for clearing old history, since you might want to have history for certain fields.

So, for example, the free account could have a 100 MB limit to store all fields with their history (with a button for the user to see and delete history in case of needing more space).

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Feature name

  • History for Item notes

Feature function

I save PIN or additional information in notes and I need to change it. But I don’t see an option to see notes update history. This will be very helpful to see past notes data.

Related topics + references

  • Also need to password-protect some items (very secure) like in Lastpass?
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Feature name

Enable Username history (similar to the password history feature)

Feature function

A history of all the usernames once used for a Login entry would be incredibly useful.
This would be identical to the password history feature that’s already implemented by Bitwarden.

This is useful in a number of cases:
Some sites like router logins or banking sites do not allow for long passwords, or do not allow special characters in passwords. Having a long and random username becomes an effective method to mitigate brute force or guessing attacks.

Currently using randomized usernames can be potentially dangerous - i.e. usernames can be changed without any history being left behind.
How I mitigate this is to copy the username to a custom field or a note field.



+1 on this request.

KeePass has a function as described. Even the entry icon has history tracking.
Here are some screen captures of the feature:

Here is a description of the feature:


This just happened. +100 for this feature, why isn’t it already a thing.

This is the reason why I keep a versioned backup of the bitwarden_export.json. The file is versioned with git inside a veracrypt container.


Certainly works for the 0.1% of users who also do this … I’ll join them for now :wink:

We are looking forward to this functionality (notes, passwords versionings) with the team, I hope it will be added in future releases :slight_smile:

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Already experienced, I’ve updated the totp field accidentally and now my google account can only login by sms otp on the phone.
Any security changes for my google account later needs totp code and it is the only choice. Wish that bitwarden had history for totp field

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Currently, when one changes a password, the older ones are still available by clicking the number displayed right next to the “Password history” label in each entry.

However, this history is polluted with the history of other hidden fields in the same entry, which I find counter-intuitive. As it is right now, it’s more like an “entry history” than a “password history”.

As such, I propose support for individual hidden (“password-like”) field history, so you would be able to see the history for each of your hidden fields individually, and not all of them together sorted by their last modification time.

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Duplicate of https://community.bitwarden.com/t/history-for-all-fields-like-password-history/

It’s very useful to have a password history for a vault, displaying the date and the old password.

In the corporate world, we think it’s important to add the user who made the change to each line of the history.

In the event of a problem, this makes it possible to identify the person responsible for the change, and contributes to the principle of non-repudiation.

@labadri Welcome to the forum!

I think your suggestion is good, but it should probably be a separate Feature Request, since it applies only to Organization vaults and the suggestion goes beyond the scope of the feature request in this thread.

Thanks for your suggestion. I just added a separate Feature Request.
See In the password history, add the user responsible for the change

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