Cannot find any password history

This is a built in feature of LASTPASS.
Please add this to BW for those who switched…

  1. Some site : You need to do a new password…
  2. User : Go to BitWarden - Generate a new password
  3. User : Go to BitWarden - Put password in the account entry
  4. User : Update site with new password
  5. Some Site : Sorry, we don’t take special characters %$!
  6. Some Site : Enter your old password
  7. User : Crap… I already overwrote this password in my fancy password keeper app and IT HAS NO HISTORY!

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Bitwarden does have a password history for each vault item, which stores up to 5 previously saved passwords. All you have to do is to open the login item for viewing (not editing) and scroll to the bottom, where you will see:

Password history: 5

(the number indicates how many entries are currently stored in the history). Click on the number (e.g., on the 5 in the above example), and it will display the previous passwords for that vault item (with timestamps).

There is also a global password history for the password generator. Click on the “Generator” :arrows_counterclockwise: icon at the bottom of the browser extension window, then scroll down and click on Password history. This shows past password generated using this browser extension, with timestamps; I’m not sure what the size limit is for this global histroy (mine currently has over 50 entries, going back more than 4 months).


The passowrd history is somewhat elusive.

Currently looking in BitWarden Chrome extension, no history is apparent despite recognising there has been an update.


The Chrome extension does allow access to what seems to be a global Password History (once you go to edit and then confirm you willing to overwite), but as this history not filtered to the Log-in item in question isn’t so helpful given the passage of time.

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It is possible for an item to be updated without changing the password (for example, if you modify the item name, username, URLs, notes, custom fields, etc.). If the item password was changed, then there would be a Password history entry shown below the timestamps.

Furthermore, the global password history also includes timestamps, which can be used to identify the relevant password (e.g., by comparing to the “Updated” timestamp for an item).

I do not understand why this is so much hidden! Why not have, under or next to the password field itself - where this belongs - a clear link Password History ?
And why limited this to when one is not in edit mode: it is precisely when one is in edit mode, trying to look at the password that is not there or not the correct one that the password history is needed.

I certainly prefer a password manager that I can trust, still, Lastpass was certainly better in this respect.