Password history icon needed to make feature more visible

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Password history icon

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There are many times that I have to check that a new password has been stored in BW. Some web pages seem to make BW detection of a new password difficult. And so I have to enter the laborious process of resetting the password and waiting for reset emails to be delivered etc.

But I’ve only discovered recently that BW has a password history function. Other forum posts have also noted the lack of awareness. I had to read the FAQ to find out that the info was buried at the bottom of a vault entry, with the only visual clue to more info being available being that a scroll bar was present. Also I had to click on the number to bring up the password history, which was also not immediately obvious.

The Password field should add a clock icon to indicate that the field has historical entries. There are other password icons present for other password functions e.g. exposure checks, visibility toggle and copy, so the context sensitive functionality is already established.

Related topics + references

The clock icon is being used for TOTP codes, but in general agree that it would be helpful to add some visual affordance to the password history link.