Password History per record

Password history per saved entry.

As sites require changing of passwords it would be useful to add a button to list your previously used password and an option to delete mistakes or duplicates. A timestamp next to the password would also be handy.

Hi, there is history at the bottom of the app “password history” underneath notes.

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Just to confirm underneath the notes section of the login type.


To clarify, I was not talking about the password generation history but a history kept per record. For example if I had a “login” record for “My Bank” the button would bring up a list of that records previously used passwords:

current: password1
080721: password2
032921: password3
040820: password 4

Yeah that’s what it currently does. Change your password and check at the bottom of the item information page.

Are you using the desktop app or web vault? Might be slightly different.


I see. I recently switched to BW and imported all my passwords. They are all generated and I’ve not had to change any of them so I had not actually tried to change one so I had not noticed the history option. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I created a test record and did as you suggest and I now see the history of passwords below.

No worries, happy to help.

Honestly, this could stand to be highlighted a bit more, it took me ages to see it and realize that it was clickable.

For posterity, it’s here:


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You might want to vote for this feature request to make the password history more visible:

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