Can't find password history

I’ve searched all over the app for the password history. I can’t find it. I’ve searched on the iPhone app, and the browser extensions for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I’ve also gone into my account via the Bitwarden website. How do I access my password history? Thanks

Pix, Password histories are maintained for each login, towards the bottom of the page. You will see "password history: 1 (for one past password) or 2, etc. Click on the “1” and the applicable history is revealed. On the generator tool, the same, but note each BW application’s tool retains its own history - from what I understand. W

I have the same problem. The help documentation and @Waterford say that I will see “password history” toward the bottom of the page. I do not see “password history” at the bottom of the page for any of the login items. I’m looking on the Chorme extension, the web vault, the Windows app, the Android app. I do not see “password history” at the bottom of any page.

If you don’t see Password History at the bottom then this means you have only ever stored one password for that item in Bitwarden. Try creating a dummy login item, add a password, save the item, the edit it again and replace the password and save. Now when you view that item in BW you should see Password History at the bottom.