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A post was merged into an existing topic: Touch ID support for macOS

How to check 2fa status for a user?
Receive files into my vault from non-Bitwarden users [Send]
Add an option to disable update
Move Autofill option to the main context right click menu
Poder criar subpastas?
Master password re-prompt on specified sub-fields
Redirect User to SSO when attempting to sign in with username
Need consistent User Interface in Browser Extension: "browser on site (in logins)" vs. "searched site"
User UI simplicity
Remove email address from app/browser extension when logged out and computer restarts
Display/Provide Version Number
Option to set a default username
Remove background from tray icon
Generate disposable e-mail addresses
Ignore insecure passwords (Web Vault)
Clipboard image paste in the notes section
Integration with ConnectWise Control
Credit card type logos as icons
Use credit card brand logo
Option to display password in large type
Display unlock screen when auto-fill shortcut is pressed [Browser]
Open Bitwarden Login Prompt on Shortcut Key when not Logged In
Automated new logins are arbitrarily added to Vault rather than updating the original login?
Detect ID and financial information leaks
Display Collections that an item is assigned to
Import from from Roboform directly
Allow option to only require 2FA when not using Enterprise SSO
Overlay popup interface
Custom Fields and automatic fields parsing (save all entered data)
Password generation suggestion
Grab all fields
Digital identity storage
How do I add shortcuts to autofill login fields?
Never remember this login
Please up the Password character limit to 256
Feature Request: Backup access codes printed on paper in case master password is lost
Require master password "re-prompt" for some items
Request for new Feture: Ask for password or pin for certain sensitive passwords
Browser shortcut to fill in identities and cards
Support legacy android
Keyboard shortcuts for autofill default Identity
FIDO U2F Support in Safari
Show timer of verification codes on the main page
Prompt users to enter master password periodically [configurable time + max time]
Self XSS warning in console
Touch ID support for macOS
TouchID in Safari 14
Dry run recovery processes
Option for Max period of time between PW unlock
Premium 2FA downgrade configurable
Ability to Rename in-app Attachments
Move Autofill option to the main context right click menu
Can I Create QR from TOTP?
Guide to Mobile App?
[Bug] Master password shows instead of password for vault item
One Click Password Changer
Items launched from the VAULT - auto-fills fields with what was clicked on - not last used
Need Themes
Consistency check for externally entered passwords
When a new entry is detected it asks for a folder that you would like to put it in but not an organization > Collection
A way to remove an entry from an organization
Add an option to ask for pin/password/biometrics when you open your browser
Separate TOTP App