About the Feature Requests Category

Want something added or improved? Share your idea here.

If you are wanting something new to be added or changed in Bitwarden, this is the place to ask.

Please describe the feature, provide screenshots or examples from other applications if possible, and expected use cases.

Vote For Requests

You have a total of 20 votes that you can use to vote on feature requests. Once you have used up all of your votes you can no longer vote on new feature requests, so use them wisely! If a feature request is completed and/or a topic is closed, your vote is returned to you and you can use it again. You can also revoke your already used votes and re-assign them to another feature if you change your mind.

You can read more about how the voting system works here: Discourse Topic Voting - plugin - Discourse Meta

You can see a listing of topics you have voted for under your user Profile → Activity → Votes.

Search Before You Post

Please search the forums before posting your feature request. It may have already have an open topic with discussion and voting. New duplicates will be closed. If you find existing threads with the same feature request, send a message to dwbit to merge the votes.

One Request Per Topic

Multiple requests in a single topic makes voting difficult. Please only request one feature per topic.

Be Specific

Be specific about your request. Broad, generalized requests are unlikely to gain any traction.

Tag Your Request

Please tag your request the with appropriate tag(s) that relates what apps/projects that this request applies to. If the request applies to all apps, you can use the app:all tag.

  • app:* tags: app:mobile, app:browser, app:desktop, app:web, app:cli, etc
  • project:* tags: project:help, project:self-host, project:forums, project:website, etc

Archived requests

Inactive feature requests are archived, if you are trying to vote for an archived request, just leave a reply or @dwbit and it can be reopened.