Settings option for *mandatory* master password login after an adjustable *reminder* period of days or weeks

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Hi, I’m making this feature request from a new account, due to a forgotten password, and maybe a hundred or so logins lost. I guess my password was a little too complex! Unfortunately my other device is down so recovery of the old account is now impossible. The problem is that although its nice to have fingerprint ID etc, a once rock solid memory of an often repeated password can soon fade if it is not required. However, requiring a password every time the app is opened or even every day, for me can feel unnecessary and tedious, especially for a strong password.

I would love to have the option to choose a reminder period with low frequency, but often enough to jog ones memory. Relying on bits of paper is not my thing. Unfortunately it was while trying to deal with security issues by adding another fingerprint option I was forced to input my MPL, which I by now coulld not recall for the life of me.

I have learned my lesson, of course, and written down (part of) my MPL. But if I had the choice, once confident that I have memorised my password, I would probably opt for a once every few days, then once a week or month mandatory login with my MPL.

But whether age was at fault or ever changing neuroplasticity, I feel pretty sure most everyone could benefit from this added tweak to the existing features, and might help some users to feel more confident about using a safer MPL should they feel they feel their password strength is lacking.

I feel that the feature would bridge the potential gap between super slick but vulnerable to human error, and being super safe but clunky.

Another protection (against forgetting your master password) is to take a regular backup. :+1:

Write down the whole thing, and your login email and 2FA recovery code as well. Store in a secure location.