To create a log off button that is very easy for people to log off

Install an easy log off button that you don’t have to go through settings to log off.
This would make it easier for us who have been users for a while but much more importantly this would make it very easy for new users. I get a lot of questions from people how do I log off of it. It’s the reason that many people I preferred to bit more don’t stay with it it’s just too confusing.

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Why do you wish to log off?

For several reasons the first it’s not a good idea to leave my bitwarden open all the time it’s not good security practice. Also if there’s a log off button it’ll remind me to log off immediately other than setting up a certain amount of time of inactivity. It’s just security hygiene to be in one’s control of logging in and out and bitwarden should follow like the other password managers and make it much easier to log off.

Just FYI, Bitwarden is designed to remain logged in basically all the time. You typically control security and access to your vault by locking the vault, not by logging out of Bitwarden.

I think that your feature request would make more sense if you were asking for a “lock” button (there is a keyboard shortcut for locking, but some users may prefer a button to click).

I do thank you for your suggestion and I’m well aware of that. But no I’m very clear that for me and anyone that is security conscious a log off button is important. When you log off your vault is encrypted when it’s locked it is still unencrypted for that reason alone I do not want a lock button. For me and for those who are more security conscious I have no problem re logging in when I need to use my bit Warden. Again I do thank you for your suggestion. But in my case I know exactly what I’m looking for and I think for a bit more to be concerned a top and security password they should include a log off button that’s easy and visible. Just like when I first started using it they did not have the ability to not store your email address again that’s a major security risk I’m grateful that they finally added that feature.

I truly hope the Bit Warden will add this feature and if they want they can make it a toggle for those such as yourself that don’t want to see it and for those like myself that do want it I would definitely toggle it on so I could have a log off button I hope this clarifies what I’m thinking and what I’m saying. Again thank you so much

This is a misconception on your part.

When your vault is in use (logged in and unlocked), the decrypted vault contents exist in volatile memory only.

When you lock your vault, all decrypted vault data are removed from the device memory. In this state, an encrypted copy of your vault exists within a file stored on your device; this file cannot be decrypted without knowing your master password, which is why it is not unsafe to leave the encrypted vault copy stored on your device (assuming that you have a strong master password).

When you log out, Bitwarden deletes the encrypted vault data file that was stored on your device. Obviously, the memory is also cleared, and your login authorization is invalidated.

When you log in, Bitwarden transfers the encrypted vault copy to your device, where the client app decrypts the vault data and places the unencrypted vault contents into the process memory.

When you unlock a locked vault, the Bitwarden client app again reads the encrypted vault copy that is stored on the device, and decrypts the file contents to obtain the unencrypted secrets (which are stored in volatile memory only).

Thus, there really is no need to log out, as locking the vault eliminates all possibility of accessing your unencrypted secrets.