Just wondering about tag use

Hi, I am a new user of the Bitwarden Password Manager and community so I am trying to learn to navigate the site, especially the help section. I am also a senior citizen and I have seen many changes in the use of pc trends. One trend is the use of tags when posting. Tags have been around for a while but I don’t seem to remember too many people adding tags in the beginning but now it seems to be the norm. Could you give me some examples of how to use tag/tags on this forum. Are they even needed here?

Hello Judy - welcome!

Tags are expected if you create a topic in the Feature Requests category (see link below). But otherwise, they are only optional and most people don’t use them. Easy going group here!

Thank you, David, for that info so since tags aren’t needed here I won’t bother. I really joined so I could ask questions about Bitwarden when I need help with the PW manager. Today I received something from the community from the system via Bitwarden Community Forums mentioning profiles. Huh? I don’t see where you have links to profiles or accounts or signatures so forth. Please tell me the best way to navigate. So far I am just stumbling around and found your answer by accident, so I need to know how I know someone answered. I was expecting a notification. Boy, I feel like a kid starting a new school with trying to use and learn how to use Bitwarden Password manager and navigate the community. :smiley:


Hi @Judy_w, welcome to the community!

If you click on your profile icon at the top right, then the little person icon, then “Preferences”, it will take you to your account preferences page:


In the left-hand menu, “Emails” and “Notifications” contain options that allow you to set what type of notifications you want to receive when people reply to your posts.


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Wow, Dan, by looking at that I am learning a little more about this site. Am I correct that the community is more or less like a social site associated with Chrome browser? For instance, when I click on my Gmail logo, I don’t currently use a picture as I do in some of my Gmail accounts. If I add a picture, then I would be a part of my community profile as well. right? Thanks for the help .

Yeah, if you add a profile picture, then it’ll appear on each of your posts on here.