In the password history, add the user responsible for the change

In the business edition of Bitwarden, it’s very useful to have a password history for a vault, displaying the date and the password that was changed.

In the corporate world, we think it’s also important to add the user who made the change to each line of the history.


In case of a problem, this makes it possible to identify the person responsible for the change, and contributes to the security principle of non-repudiation.

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you can do that easily by viewing Event logs of that item.

You’re right @kourosh, but the Event Logs are not accessible to non-administrator users.

And in a business team, for example, it would be useful to know who has changed a password, without having to call an administrator.

So I’m keeping my feature request, which still seems relevant to me.

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actually with custom permission, a non-administrator user can also access event logs but yes there is no harm to have this feature for standard users. :+1: