Widgets in Bitwarden to search passwords

Hello everyone.

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Widgets in Bitwarden to search passwords

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What will this feature do differently?

Please, see this:

There are feature requests here to search by password in Bitwarden account. I recently said this in this thread: Search by password, but was told to create a new thread to elaborate on this further. What I’m proposing here is a unified and standardized way to look up passwords in Bitwarden. This could be done with the widgets concept.

What benefits will this feature bring?
I would like to make a brief general comment on what resources we have to make this resource requested here interesting. From what I researched in this community there are 4 ways or ideas to ‘search for passwords’.

Sort items by date of modification, addition, last use, etc. If this feature is implemented, we have a way to search passwords by time, see which passwords are newer and which are older. With this information, we can update passwords for greater security, privacy.

Sort Logins by most and least used. If this is implemented, we may check sites or old passwords for a set, ordered time, which includes updating passwords as well.

History for all fields like Password History. If this resource is implemented, we can have the complete history of the passwords to the point of verifying the different versions of the passwords with the minimum or maximum length of characters from which we choose. This makes a lot of sense when you want to have a backup of old passwords and check how long they were and then update. For example, old sites usually the password was 5 characters, today the default is 8 or 12 characters.

“Search the password by length”, usually exposed passwords have a minimum or maximum length. It would be interesting to check which passwords are longer and shorter in the sense of character length instead of a search by password history or field or even password temporal ordering.

Here is a ui/ux to demonstrate this general idea here

The images are illustrative, as we can see we can search the password through a temporal order, as well as we can search the password by type of item in the vault, as well as we can search passwords by the length of characters. That is, do you all realize that there is a unified standard for searching vault passwords?

Related topics + references

Here is the link to the possible questions I read from to open this feature request: Search vault by password, Add option to hide passwords from general search, Please up the Password character limit to 256, What is the maximum length for the MasterPassword?, Search by password

Does what I said make sense? What is your opinion on this? What is good or bad about this idea? Would it be a good or bad idea to merge all the requests into a single request?