What is the maximum length for the MasterPassword?

I thought I read 128 characters, but cannot find that anywhere
thanks in advance

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I don’t think there is a limit to the length.
The only limit I can think of is how long and how much you want to type in.
I know from experience that slightly above 200 characters works just fine.

After some digging I found a pull request on this forum and it seams the max length is 256 characters.

The feature request that you found apparently pertains to the maximum length of passwords produced by the password generator. My understanding is that the maximum size of the password field contents in stored login items is 5000 characters after encryption, which means that passwords of around 4000 characters can be stored.

I don’t know whether there is any upper limit on the master password. On the account creation page, the form displays an error message if fewer than 8 characters are entered into the master password input field, but I was unable to trigger any error message saying that the master password was too long. I tested this up to 4097 characters. I do believe that there is a practical limit that depends on the memory and processor speed of your device, as the account creation form became less and less responsive as I increased the length of the string entered into the master password input field.

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