Include on iOS (iPhone) search operators

Feature name

  • Include on iOS search operators
    Same as what’s available for web, browser extensions, and Windows desktop app

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    This is only requested for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) application. It is the only place where I have noticed this missing feature.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Ability to search inside all the item types (login, card, identity, and secure note).

Related topics + references

Here is an example of how it works now.
Searching for “caja” (Spanish for “box”):

No results when using the “*” operator:

This search result, is missing what is inside this secure note:

These results are using the iOS app version 2022.10.0 (2347) on iOS 16.

Have you tried this?

@Peter_H , yes! Notice that link is mentioned on the original post.
I am not able to make those operators work on iOS. Also, notice that website mentions only:

can be made in the web vault, desktop app, and browser extension.

Am I missing something?

@juanbretti : You are absolutely right. I am sorry. I overlocked not only that you had already mentioned that link but also that this request is about mobile phones. (Note to myself: Do not answer in here while already dealing with 2 urgent tasks.)
As mobile phones (both iOS and Android) currently do not support this feature its request of cause is justified; although there are already similar ones. Just to name a few see below. There are however more in this forum.

On a side note: You can always be the 1st one to cast a vote on your own request.

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