Full search function on Mobile apps

Currently, if I typeamazon store card in the web app, it brings up my entry listed as “Amazon.com store card” - just like I’d expect. However, in the mobile app it will not find this entry. This makes it incredibly frustrating to find any entries on mobile.


Referencing search article that I found as well; Search your Vault | Bitwarden Help Center
I would say it is a very poor user experience to make different apps act differently, Bitwarden should strive to do the same on all apps for consistency I think.

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I’ve read somewhere earlier that the apps are being re-written for a better and more fluid UX. I’ve found this old reply, but I’m almost sure I saw something else updated about this.

We’ll have to wait for future releases. You can track Kyle’s job on GitHub, by the way.

EDIT: Found it. It was discussed on Reddit. Please check here.

Weighted Search Results in Bitwarden Android client

  • Weighted search results work properly if you are logged into the bitwarden website directly, or using the browser plugin but do not function within the Android application.

Feature function

  • Instead of displaying ALL search results weighted results should be shown (as it already does with the browser plugin and website)
  • If the mobile app doesn’t fill something in, lets say your email pw and you go to search for it in the app EVERY SINGLE entry you have stored within bitwarden will appear in the search results. (since your email is associated with every entry you have in bitwarden.
  • websites names that match your search string should show up first, followed by any account that search string shows up in.

For example, lets say I want to login to address www . mailcompany . com and I search for mailcompany , every account I used myemailaddress @ mailcompany .com shows up in the results so they aren’t useful at all in reducing the amount of entries you have to look through to find the correct answer. If that same search is run and proper weighted results would be returned a SITE name matching that search would appear first, followed by any results that the string shows up in, in other various places.

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The mobile apps currently perform searches a little differently. I’ve updated the title to reflect this as a general mobile improvement.

I didn’t find a special request for this (though I didn’t look all that hard), but the Android app also has terrible performance, which I think is related to this. It takes a good 3 or 4 seconds to show the list of my ~700 logins, whereas the browser addon is pretty much instant.

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Find the lack of full-text search very hampering. I was away from my laptop and used to using my phone to find passwords - have used KeePass which has an Android app that does full-text searches. So moving over to BitWarden I was disappointed that I cannot search for my bank details on my Android App version I have to go and manually going in and find them. [Doing these kind of things via the web client is difficult on small screens.] This I can do but for my wife this is not part of her skill set. So I hope you will soon improve the app so it can do this. After all, more people are used to using their phone and apps than laptops and web client.


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Feature name

  • Searching item’s body when searching through all items in android mobile app

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Search in the items body rather than just the item’s title. These search results should be lower than the results found in the title

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Improving search

The firefox web extension already does this :slight_smile:


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Feature name

  • Include on iOS search operators
    Same as what’s available for web, browser extensions, and Windows desktop app

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    This is only requested for the iOS (iPhone and iPad) application. It is the only place where I have noticed this missing feature.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Ability to search inside all the item types (login, card, identity, and secure note).

Related topics + references

Here is an example of how it works now.
Searching for “caja” (Spanish for “box”):

No results when using the “*” operator:

This search result, is missing what is inside this secure note:

These results are using the iOS app version 2022.10.0 (2347) on iOS 16.

Have you tried this?

@Peter_H , yes! Notice that link is mentioned on the original post.
I am not able to make those operators work on iOS. Also, notice that website mentions only:

can be made in the web vault, desktop app, and browser extension.

Am I missing something?

@juanbretti : You are absolutely right. I am sorry. I overlocked not only that you had already mentioned that link but also that this request is about mobile phones. (Note to myself: Do not answer in here while already dealing with 2 urgent tasks.)
As mobile phones (both iOS and Android) currently do not support this feature its request of cause is justified; although there are already similar ones. Just to name a few see below. There are however more in this forum.

On a side note: You can always be the 1st one to cast a vote on your own request.

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The title of this thread is correct. I use the iOS app and the same problem is there.
If the keyword you are searching for is in the title, you can find it. But if it is in the note, you cannot find it.

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I vote for this as well. I find it very difficult to manage items when I’m on the move. If processing power is a concern, we can leave this opt-in within the Settings menu

I do not mean to insult anyone but for some absurd reason BW decided that the search experience is different on mobile vs. browser/extension.

Every good UI/UX designer knows the user experience should be consistent across platforms. Take Apple as an example of good UI/UX and how they are making macOS and iOS have a more consistent experience.

It’s confusing for users when a search result shows one thing on their phone but another thing on the browser. Imagine if searching on Google from your phone yielded different results than on your computer. It makes no sense.

This feature request is to improve the mobile search experience and make it similar to the browser/extension search experience by making them both full-text search.

Search is in my opinion, the section of BItwarden that should receive most attention as it is quite bad in general.


And that was your first post. Speaks volumes that the search is so bad that it motivated you enough to create an account and post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the community!

Thanks to whomever merged my post (Improve BitWarden UI/UX by making the search experience consistent across mobile and web/browser/extension) with this one.

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I think it just needs searchable “TAGS” and it should improve a lot.

In my case, the company I work for is migrating from Keepass because it is not meant for multi-user.

We must keep many passwords for multiple clients we give support to. We have our clients currently organized in folders/subfolders in BW. It is very difficult to search for Client X VPN password, unless we include the name of the client in each of its entries. The current search results doesn’t include the folder name the entry is in. And there are no ways to search for all entries in a client’s folder or sub-folders.

I also want to propose my old folks to use Bitwarden instead of post-it notes for their passwords. But if they have to learn complex full text search library syntax, I have little hope they will use it.

Search in my opinion, should search everything everywhere no matter where the focus is at anytime.

I agree with the above.

I am a cybersecurity architect. I take security seriously. I show BW to every.single.person. I meet in the hopes of getting them to use it because most folks are storing them in a paper pad or their contacts apps.

But the second they try the search on my phone and see it doesn’t return expected results, they walk away.

Good or bad UI can make or break a product. :confused:

Full search functionality is essential, especially dealing with custom entries like crypto Wallet addresses and notes that remind you where you’ve staked your coins…
It would be amazing to use the search feature and have all applicable data get searched even the custom-field-names and custom-field-entries!

Example would be search for what entry has my ETH address 0x1234, put the wallet address in, (or even a subset of the address) or if you make a note that your ETH is Staked and you search for “ETH” you’ll get all possible results!

A custom text-field I use for example would be
and data contained would be the address 0x1234
(Unfortunately NONE of this is searchable on iOS)

Search on iOS is very sad unfortunately!

Bitwarden is amazing but the iOS search almost makes it impossible to use unless you make each record have full details in the “name” or “username” sections which is what seems like is used for searching records.


Please :pray: