Full search function on Mobile apps

Weighted Search Results in Bitwarden Android client

  • Weighted search results work properly if you are logged into the bitwarden website directly, or using the browser plugin but do not function within the Android application.

Feature function

  • Instead of displaying ALL search results weighted results should be shown (as it already does with the browser plugin and website)
  • If the mobile app doesn’t fill something in, lets say your email pw and you go to search for it in the app EVERY SINGLE entry you have stored within bitwarden will appear in the search results. (since your email is associated with every entry you have in bitwarden.
  • websites names that match your search string should show up first, followed by any account that search string shows up in.

For example, lets say I want to login to address www . mailcompany . com and I search for mailcompany , every account I used myemailaddress @ mailcompany .com shows up in the results so they aren’t useful at all in reducing the amount of entries you have to look through to find the correct answer. If that same search is run and proper weighted results would be returned a SITE name matching that search would appear first, followed by any results that the string shows up in, in other various places.

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The mobile apps currently perform searches a little differently. I’ve updated the title to reflect this as a general mobile improvement.

I didn’t find a special request for this (though I didn’t look all that hard), but the Android app also has terrible performance, which I think is related to this. It takes a good 3 or 4 seconds to show the list of my ~700 logins, whereas the browser addon is pretty much instant.

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Find the lack of full-text search very hampering. I was away from my laptop and used to using my phone to find passwords - have used KeePass which has an Android app that does full-text searches. So moving over to BitWarden I was disappointed that I cannot search for my bank details on my Android App version I have to go and manually going in and find them. [Doing these kind of things via the web client is difficult on small screens.] This I can do but for my wife this is not part of her skill set. So I hope you will soon improve the app so it can do this. After all, more people are used to using their phone and apps than laptops and web client.


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Feature name

  • Searching item’s body when searching through all items in android mobile app

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Search in the items body rather than just the item’s title. These search results should be lower than the results found in the title

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Improving search

The firefox web extension already does this :slight_smile:



The title of this thread is correct. I use the iOS app and the same problem is there.
If the keyword you are searching for is in the title, you can find it. But if it is in the note, you cannot find it.

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I vote for this as well. I find it very difficult to manage items when I’m on the move. If processing power is a concern, we can leave this opt-in within the Settings menu