Why did Bitwarden only import 100 passwords out of the 500 from LastPass?

I export my >500 password data from LastPass with extension .CVS and on Bitwarden turn out only <100 password of those

HELP ME PLEASE!! :frowning:

Never had to do this, but perhaps this will help: Import Data from LastPass | Bitwarden Help & Support

@Other former Lastpass-users: This is your chance to jump into action.

Did you perhaps get an error like this?

If yes, go here: Import Data to your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support

hello yes, but I deleted the lines that created problems and I solved.
The problem is that Bitwarden only imported 1/4 of my LastPass passwords

Oh, lost some stuff while editing:

Is anything imported at all below the lines you edited?

By the way: If you import several times you will get a lot of duplicates.
So to avoid this once finally everything is imported as you want it to be go to https://vault.bitwarden.com, log in, then go to Settings β†’ My Account, scroll down to the Danger Zone and then click onto Purge Vault. This will delete EVERYTHING from your vault. Then - a final time - import your data and check it if everything is in Bitwarden.

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I don’t have the premium version

Why do you think that this is related to the premium version? For what I wrote in here it does not matter if you are using the free or the premium version.

ok I’m not explaining, sorry.
I imported my password.CSV file from LastPass on Bitwarden but of all the 500 passwords I had on LastPass the Bitwarden site only imported 1/4 of them.

I got that before. However you also wrote:

So the idea is that you perhaps made a mistake and that because of this all accounts below that edited line could not be imported.

ok I tried again and solved! it was a site bug! thank you so much my friend! :heart: