Importing lastpass.csv only imports 17 of 75 passwords?

I exported from LastPass and imported the lastpass.csv file to Bitwarden using the import feature. I had 75 passwords but BW only imported 17 of them. Repeated the process three times same results. Any thoughts or fixes appreciated.

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Use Notepad or another text editor to open the lastpass.csv file, and examine the contents. Do the 17 items that were imported correspond exactly to the first 17 items in the CSV file? If so, do you see anything unusual in the 18th item, or between the 17th and 18th item (perhaps a blank row)?

If everything looks normal, or if the skipped items are interspersed with the items that imported correctly, then create a copy of the CSV file, but delete every row except for the first row (containing the column headings) and one of the rows that fails to import. This will be a test file that we will use for debugging. You can start by verifying that importing the test file does not import anything (i.e., that the original problem is reproduced).

Finally, if you haven’t already been doing this, you should Purge your vault before reimporting (i.e., if you have already imported some items, but need to repeat the import), or you will end up with duplicate (in your case, triplicate or more) records in your vault.

Don’t forget to securely delete the lasttpass.csv as this file is not encrypted and all passwords are in the clear.
Extra safety

Thank you so much for your quick response. I examined the contents but could not find any problems with the data. I decided it would be a good time to purge the entries and make my own one at a time. Thereby learning along the way how it is really done. Automation is great it’s just that sometimes we depend on it too much.
All is well that ends well!
Loving your product so far! Keep up the good work, and please, just keep our stuff safe.

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